Excel 2013 Level 2

Design Spreadsheets to manage & analyse budgets
Delve into the world of IF functions, charts, and lookup functions. Build on the skills you have to create smarter and more efficient spreadsheets.

Topics covered in Excel 2013 Level 2

♦ Filling Data ♦ Moving Data ♦ Formula Referencing ♦ Labels and Names ♦ Logical Functions ♦ Lookup Functions ♦ Number Formatting Techniques ♦ Conditional Formatting ♦ Applying Borders ♦ Page Setup ♦ Working with a Worksheet ♦ Worksheet Techniques ♦ Finding and Replacing ♦ Sorting Data ♦ Filtering Data ♦ Charting Techniques ♦ Chart Object Formatting

  • Small class for individual attention
  • Certificate of Attendance provided
  • Post course support

Know how to create and save a workbook, enter simple cell referencing formulas, and print and chart data.

● Formula Referencing Skills
● Charting Techniques