Excel 2013 Level 3

Become an expert in harnessing the power to Excel
Discover the world of macros and programming which lets you bring a whole new level of intelligence and interactivity to your spreadsheets.

Topics covered in Excel 2013 Level 3

♦ Setting Excel Options ♦ Formula Techniques ♦ Protecting Data ♦ Summarising and Subtotalling ♦ Data Linking ♦ Data Consolidation ♦ Pivot Tables ♦ Pivot Table Techniques ♦ Pivot Charts ♦ Goal Seeking ♦ Grouping and Outlining ♦ Solver ♦ Recorded Macros ♦ Recorder Workshop

  • Small class for individual attention
  • Certificate of Attendance provided
  • Post course support

Know how to create and save a workbook, create formulas, use functions and perform simple formatting of the data

● Pivot Tables and Charts
● Grouping and Outlining
● Data Linking
● Macros