Our Expertise & Team

Claiming to be the experts is a bold statement. We claim it because it’s the phrase our clients consistently use when describing how we work with them.

We deliver the expertise to create successful training solutions. Our philosophy of training delivery and design is simple, and has been honed through continuous improvement over the years. Regardless of the type of training, adult learners respond positively to dynamic experiential learning.  Active participation in successful experience (backed by knowledge), provides a model of behavior and skills which is easily transferable to the workplace. We use a principled approach to replicate this model in the delivery of computer applications, vocational education and online training.We recognize each client has a unique culture and environment that can both block learning, or be harnessed to motivate people. We’re experts at listening to you and learning what you need and use our acquired knowledge to create the structure, change and content to achieve successful learning and development outcomes.

Our effectiveness is a direct result of providing training solutions that can be adapted in delivery method for different groups of learners and cultures. That requires expertise in learning and development. No one person can be an expert in every topic. That’s why a team of experts work with you to deliver the required result; from analysis to delivery, and we even provide training administration expertise. We’ll match your training project with the right experts at each stage. It’s a proven approach that gives you access to a team of experts.  That’s the expertise we guarantee for you.



MichelleLintonMichelle founded Linked Training in 2000 and has grown the company from a small local training provider to a national provider of training for major government and corporate organisations. Her drive and success comes from a passion to develop people and a belief we are all capable of understanding given the right tools and environment to learn with.

Michelle’s adult education L&D career commenced immediately on completing university and taking on a part-time role at TAFE. Her first challenge was gaining the respect of a class twice her age! That was almost 30 years ago and the intervening years have provided extensive experience in management, administration, sales and marketing, records management, and business system analysis, as well as living in and training for indigenous culture.

Key to the success of Linked Training is the value Michelle places on analysing needs and understanding root causes to learning blockages. The Linked Training team works in an environment that allows them to be equally committed to the creation and delivery of quality training.

As a thought leader on individual and organisational L&D Michelle is a regular speaker and trainer at industry conferences and regularly published in magazines.


recordkeeping experts teamQuality training delivery is achieved by our team of specialists working with our trainers and subject matter experts to provide clients with excellence in design, development and delivery.