Add & Remove Icons on Toolbars

toolbarsThis is a useful tip for all TRIM & RM8 end users.  HP TRIM is rolled out across organisations with a default toolbar configured by the TRIM Administrator, which does not always suit individuals preferred ways of working.  But people can easily customise their toolbars to display the icons they like to use and remove icons they don’t use.

To add an icon use the Menu to select View -> Toolbars -> Customize, or right-click a Toolbar and select Customize.

Explore the Categories group in the Commands Tab to view the different Commands related to them. A description is provided as each Command is selected.   Drag and drop the icon you want to display to the appropriate toolbar.  You can choose the grouping!

You can just as easily remove any icons you don’t use by clicking View ->Toolbars -> Customize and dragging and dropping the icon you no longer require into the Commands box.


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