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As clients plan upgrades to HPE Content Manager 9, naturally people are keen to know if CM9 training is available, and will it be ready in time for their upgrade? Development of both HPE Content Manager 9 eLearning and course manuals is well underway, with an anticipated completion time frame for the full suite of late March.  This meets the requirements of current clients and their implementation dates. Naturally many records teams would like a sneak peek at the front-end changes in CM9.  It can be very difficult to catch a glimpse from HPE of this before the installation of the software. We’ve reviewed End User features before commencing development.  We can assure you there are no major changes coming for your End Users, if you already use 8.2 or 8.3.  The icons and layout of the CM desktop remain consistent with RM8.2 and 8.3, […]

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Our HPE eLearning for TRIM / Record Manager / Content Manager continues to grow in popularity, but is it an affordable solution for your organisation?  It is now with the introduction of Multi-Packs, which enable discounted purchases for training small numbers of staff. For large organisations the decision has always been easy.  The $6,600 per annum subscription to the 60 topic program is a justifiable decision for organisations from 300 to 1,000 staff.  The price per participant ranges from $20 per person right down to $6.  That makes it a very cost effective method compared to face to face training, with the added bonuses of no travel costs, and immediate delivery. We have many organisations under 300 staff subscribed to eLearning, but for some organisations it is difficult to make the purchase when it competes with other current priorities. “Multi-Packs” are now available for purchase […]

In 2016 we invested in a new platform for our HPE eLearning.  With it we’ve provided improved speed to all our clients, a fresh, intuitive interface for your learners, and ease in configuring programs to suit individual client requirements. Just launched are two new features and a special 20% discount offer over summer: Online purchasing of eLearning Individuals and small organisations will benefit from now being able to purchase and enrol individuals online.  And from the date of your enrolment learners will now have an extended completion time of 3 months.  During that period a learner can return and repeat any topic as many times as they like.  You can also try before you buy via our Free Demo. Certificates on completion of eLearning When a learner successfully completes each program they will be awarded a Linked Training certificate, which can be downloaded and/or printed.  […]

The latest version of Hewlett Packard Enterprises (HPE) EDRMS software is here, with many organisations already planning their upgrade. Most people know the software is now known as Content Manager 9, with the 9 versioning reflecting it is a development progression on Records Manager 8. HPE advise that this branding change will position the product to better reflect its true capabilities to manage content received in any form and used for any purpose. It’s a declaration that this product has valuable functionality beyond storing official records. The name is intended to make the product more attractive to all areas and all Users within your organisation. Records Manager implied the product was primarily for the management of records retention and paper based records. This is all true of course, but still you may be feeling a little weary from the Records Manager 8 changes. Many organisations […]

Records Management as a role is becoming increasingly recognised within organisations. Having a Certificate IV in Recordkeeping builds skills in many aspects of records management, including identifying and managing the risk to an organisation of data retention and recovery. But you cannot expect your organisation to automatically approve the expenditure required, unless you can demonstrate the value to the business unit and organistion. Most managers will require you to present a  Business Case if you are requesting their sponsorship to undertake a course from a Registered Training Organisation (RTO).   Presenting a Business Case demonstrates your commitment to the proposed study. It also outlines the benefits of your professional development to the Records Unit and organisation as a whole. A good business case removes the focus from being on what you gain personally, and emphasises the organisation gains. In preparing your case think about ‘What, So […]

Context: Noun The parts of a written or spoken statement that precede or follow a specific word or passage, usually influencing its meaning or effect: “You have misinterpreted my remark because you took it out of context.” The set of circumstances or facts that surround a particular event, situation, etc. Context creates the framework by which a message is understood, regardless of whether the message is communicated by text, verbally or using graphics, or a combination of all of these. Context creates the back story or history the intended receiver uses to interpret your message. Businesses rely on effective communication to spread their message to external target audiences.  Most businesses invest time in planning and reviewing the written, verbal and graphic elements of these messages, as well as the structure it is presented in to ensure this achieved successfully.  Formal internal communications on strategy, business directions, […]

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The question of “What is new for the End User?” is faced by every organisation upgrading from one version of software to another. Major, and sometimes even minor, changes in the interface, the functionality and the features require training in some form for the end users to seamlessly transition. Where there is little change or competent users this may be in the form of informative presentations and flyers. For a different audience or extensive change more formal training may be required. Regardless, there will be a need to prepare resources, allocate training time and set aside the budget for this. With Record Manager 8 (RM8) released by HP as the latest version of the TRIM EDRMS many records units will be trying to decide if they should upgrade to TRIM 7 or RM8. TRIM 7 is now well established, and although for TRIM Administrators and […]

1. Clearly communicate the vision and direction of the change. 2. Measure along the way, to see how you are tracking against your milestones. 3. Instil the desire to adopt new, better habits. 4. Lead by demonstrating new behaviours. 5. People need to believe the change is good for them. 6. Identify your change supporters, as well as your opposition. 7. If you plan the change project well, then the implementation becomes relatively straightforward. 8. Help people understand that they can implement the change – they have the capacity, authority and tools to do so. 9. Reward and recognise people who demonstrate the new desired behaviour. 10. Consider using gamification techniques for engagement. 11. Understand your organisational culture before embarking on change. 12. Don’t let rumours fester – communicate. 13. Build a team to drive the change. 14. There is an opportunity in every change […]

The majority of records managers work in a public office and thus a formal business case must be approved before public money can be allocated. At Linked Training we are frequently asked to provide information to records teams putting together a business case for HP  TRIM (and now also Records Manager 8 – RM8) eLearning. Every organisation will have a different reason and required outcome for selecting eLearning as part of their HP TRIM / RM8 delivery package so I’ve packaged our general advice into this article, and you can add your organisations specific situation and detail to support your case. The exact structure of a business case will vary organisation by organisation and it’s important to be aware of any templates or structures preferred in your organisation. There are both reactive and proactive situations on which a HP TRIM eLearning business case is built. […]