Build Trust and Achieve Better Outcomes

Personal investment in every relationship is based on levels of trust between parties in that relationship.  The higher the level of trust the greater the effort a friend, sibling, staff member, manager or hired hand will invest in supporting joint endeavours, and achieving goals. In the corporate world the language you use is instrumental in building or destroying trust. Successful team or project outcomes depend on building a relationship with the people you work with.  Unlike personal friendships these relationships generally don’t commence from sharing personal viewpoints in common.  You will find yourself working with a diverse group of personalities, each with their own personal goals.  Personal effort is required to find common points of interest, understand personal objectives and discover the way to relate to individuals on some level is necessary. In effect you create a partnership with internal and external colleagues to deliver […]

Experience HP TRIM & Records Manager eLearning in a new top class environment

Continuing the growth and development of our online recordkeeping training we have upgraded our Learning Management System to a cloud hosted solution, providing you with faster speeds, improved reports and easier management. You’ll have instant access to new topics and versions as they become available, so you can achieve your performance goals and equip your employees with the knowledge and skills they need to get the job done. The HP TRIM & Records Manager eLearning programs are self-paced to allow different users to learn at the speed which is comfortable for them. 60+ comprehensive topics are ready for you right now and we can also provide customised content to fit the learning needs of your users. Our eLearning will help your organisation use HP TRIM & Records Manager more effectively, and a 3 year subscription for 1000 Active Users per annum costs only $5,500 annually. […]

Change Management Toolkit – 20% Discount in May

If you have recently upgraded or are planning an upgrade to HP RM8, then you need to consider change management as part of your project. Implementing a new system is challenging. Getting people to adopt new behaviours to realise the RM8 productivity benefits can be even more challenging. The Change Management Toolkit provides our strategic insights as well as tactics to plan, implement and monitor the people side of your Records and Information Management (RIM) change initiative. It includes tools and templates directly applicable to your records management project, including comprehensive sections on communication and training. This enables you to: Assess how ready your organisation is for change. Create a change management strategy. Reduce the level of resistance. Turn difficult stakeholders into supporters. Identify and manage risks. Create compelling communications for a variety of audiences. Develop a training plan that works. Monitor and measure for […]

The Change Management Toolkit – your DIY kit

Change management is core to every interaction by the RIM team with business units in a digital environment. You are changing behaviour from shared drive and personal drive use every day. Sometimes it’s a project, but most of the time it’s a less formal program, without budget for training and without a change manager. Change Factory, Linked Training’s change partner, have recognised that every records and information unit needs support, and developed a practical toolkit that transforms their experience and knowledge into a program of training, planning and implementing the right change actions for your needs. Linked Training have supported and contributed to the development of this toolkit, and we encourage you to invest a few minutes to review it. We know your training outcomes will be improved by following the practical advice and actions. The Change Management Toolkit is practical step-by-step guide for Project […]

Better Communication Skills – What do you mean?

“This is the chance to ask your burning questions.” That was the invitation to the audience during Linked Training’s (almost) Australia wide Road Show in 2015. Of course that places the respondent (me) in the vulnerable position of providing a succinct answer whilst thinking on my feet. Sometimes the response is too short to be of real value. A longer opportunity to communicate is necessary to respond to the complex question. “What is the main skill you believe Records and Information Managers are most lacking in?” was such a question posed to me. My immediate response – “Communication!” In a few short minutes I extrapolated on the topic acutely aware that a full day was really required to fully explain why that was the response. The answer was too simplistic, and the response too superficial, to provide any launching point from which people could analyse […]

Management Lessons from the Climate Change Debate

Have you noticed a change in the climate science debate? I have. In the six years since the summit in Copenhagen, and particularly in the last two years, the attitude of governments has changed noticeably, with previous laggards now leading the way. Not only have governments come on board, but so have major shareholding organisations such as pension funds and even organisations within the energy industry. For example, Australian Gas Light Company (AGL), Australia’s largest greenhouse gas emitter, has vowed to close all its existing coal-fired power stations by 2050 and will not build or buy new conventional plants in the meantime. The desire for change has developed a high degree of momentum from the inertia of last decade. It is not the scientists pushing on their own against the consciously and unconsciously incompetent. Rather, participants with much to lose, have joined the scientists’ team […]

Employing staff: 10 times the experience or 1 experience 10 times?

Are you about to employ a new staff member?  Or bringing together a new project team? Are you sure the person or people who you’ve identified as your ‘ideal’ candidate is really going to be productive from day one?  Are they actually competent in what is required in the role? Employment advertisements generally ask for experience, and employers place emphasis on this when selecting candidates. Experience is a poor indicator of an individual having the skill, knowledge or attitude to perform a role competently.  Two individuals may have 10 years’ experience, but the breadth and depth of that experience will vary. A simple example that demonstrates this is recruiting for an archival role.  Many people choose to live their archiving passion throughout their entire employment.  An applicant who has worked competently across multiple organisations and a variety of archiving projects, will have greater ability to […]

Why SME’s fail as Teachers

Recently I was reading a book on complex psychology in which the author thanked his co-author for enabling him to articulate his knowledge and share his practices so others could learn and implement them.  He noted the ability to impart this in a book was something he had failed to achieve on his own, despite trying several different approaches, over a ten year period.  Although the acknowledged subject matter expert the field, he lacked the particular skill to impart his learnings and benefit a wider society.  It was only in collaboration with a writing partner he was able to impart his wisdom. Individuals, team members and employers generally have the belief that the best person to teach other people something is the subject matter expert (SME).  This is the person who has the most experience in practicing what others need to learn. Many people will […]

Staying Sane – Tackling the Factors Causing Stress in Records Management

The stress of fulfilling a records management role, in both senior management and administration, has increased over the past 5 years. The increase in the stressfulness of these roles is causing good people to feel like they are incapable of performing their roles, and for some people will cause temporary incapability to do so.  Stressed team become dysfunctional, and stressed projects collapse.  This is occurring on a regular basis across the industry. The increase in stress is directly related to the increase in digital recordkeeping within organisations, with its greater demands on time and skill the record and information management roles.  It is approximately 15 years since the first organisations commenced digital recordkeeping, making it obvious that the industry are slow in learning how to manage themselves and their health in a new world. Suffering prolonged stress is harmful, both physically and psychologically.  Being aware […]

The New Language of HP Records Manager

For decades now records have been “TRIMmed” and in the world of EDRMS the word has been adopted as a verb for those organisations with the HP TRIM. With the release of version 8, and the retitling of the software by Hewlett Packard to Records Manager, a rethink on the use of our recordkeeping language is required. The natural abbreviation is RM, and around the traps records teams have adopted “RM8” as the diminutive title. In slang, we’re now RuMin8ing our records! Is that the label we really want for the system? It may appeal, and be amusing, for records staff, but it increases the opportunity for ridicule of the system by End Users. A simple reference of RM could be adopted, but as one of our clients discovered, the reputation of the EDRMS was being confused with that of another failed software rollout which […]

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