Ground Rules for Designing Online Training

Build courses based on experiential learning practices Allow delivery to be self paced Build knowledge, skills and attitude Match content activities with participant IT skills Make the training practical, relevant and enjoyable Focus on engaging language and attractive design Your online training program should be considered as part of a broader training model, which may include face to face training and workplace support for some staff. Appropriate, sustainable training models vary between organisations depending on culture, resources and budget.

TRIM Support Tools That Work

One problem that many of our customers face is that many staff need to create and access records, but do so infrequently. Infrequent may be as much as once or twice a week, which to some people seems like frequent use. However with this level of use it takes a while before confidence and expertise is built up, and using TRIM becomes second nature. The training challenge is how to ensure all the good learning that was achieved in the initial TRIM training is not lost. When your new TRIM user returns to his or her desk they may feel confident, but they now have to fit recordkeeping into an already busy schedule. They have the best intentions, but very little time to explore. So the practical reality is that when they first use TRIM they are in a hurry. They could open up their […]

Using the TRIM Record Work Tray

The TRIM Record Work Tray is a great tool for managing ongoing work.  Use it to retrieve your regularly accessed records in a timely fashion. You’ll find that by getting in the practice of using this on a daily basis you’ll keep yourself well organised. Here’s how to add a record to your Record Work Tray. Search for the record Right click on the record to bring up the shortcut menu Select Send To Select Add to Record Work Tray *Alternatively once you have found your record and selected it you can just press the [F3] button. Remember to remove the record when you no longer need it to prevent tray clutter.

MS Office Video Tips

MS Excel and Word tips coming soon! For tips on a specific Excel or Word function you are having troubles with, please leave a comment below. The tips relating to your issue will then be posted shortly afterwards.

Introducing SkillLink: Your Managed Online Training Solution

This month Linked Training officially launched SkillLink, our online learning management system. We’ve been developing eLearning for over two years now, and SkillLink now provides an effective method of managing this. Online Learning has become a successful solution for organisations with large numbers of staff, remote sites and multiple locations as part of a blended learning program. Implementing online learning modules has allowed L&D/Information/Records Managers from local, state and federal government departments to implement induction programs for new staff, and follow-on training for staff after initial face-to-face training program rollouts. SkillLink has been through rigorous testing and pilot programs, and is being used successfully in various government organisations (see Case Studies for more). To learn more about how SkillLink can work for you visit Online Training on our website, and take the opportunity to test drive the system. Call us on 02 8824 4677 and […]

An Unusual Project Team

Attending InForum 2010 and listening to discussion on implementation brought to mind the unusual team created by the Ordnance Survey of UK when they implemented TRIM in 2007. The project team was a party of the usual suspects: – an IT Architect, Test Manager, Training Manager, Configuration Manager, Records Manager and of course a Project Manager.  All good and valuable team members necessary for a successful implementation. What made this team unusual, and was seen as the key to the highly successful acceptance and use of TRIM was the alternative title of the Project Manager… Head of HR, Elaine Grigg, was appointed.  And in fact the Project sponsor was the HR Department. The TRIM implementation was recognised as affecting the working practices of all employees and thus a significant cultural change.  It was a project to handle delicately and communicate appropriately and therefore a job […]

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