Rapidly re-order the View Pane

Both the columns of the List Pane, and the fields of the View Pane are very useful to assist both records teams and End User in rapidly identifying information about a record. Both can easily be reconfigured through the Right Click menu, or the columns can be dragged into position. But are your End Users aware the fields of the View Pane can be dragged up or down into a preferred position with a single mouse? They’ll find it handy to quickly put prime information in pole position when the relevance of the fields changes between varied sets of records.

Using Client / Matter Record Types

There are a number of new Record Type behaviours in RM, including the Client behaviour and the Matter behaviour. Using these Record Types enables effective capture of legal records. A Client record is established, which holds the Matter records (of that Client), which utilise the Automated Sub Folder feature. Sub Folders can be regular folder records with classification applied. For example: Tip – Think bigger! Can you use this just for legal records or any Client based transactional area….

Avoid Performance Management; Focus on Information Management

The list of skills asked of people working in records and information management is out of control. There is an expectation from the business that the records manager is an expert in change management, training design and management, IT hardware, software and even programming both specific to information management and peripheral, project management, plus … <insert your own list here>. The plethora of activities all records officers working in a digital environment now participate in does not end there. There is also the challenges of managing people. I’m not talking about managing subordinates or superiors within the records and information unit, which, as within all business units, makes each day interesting in its own right. I’m talking about the management of people within other business units over which records officers have no control and often little influence. Digital recordkeeping environments generate multiple contexts of managing […]

FAQ: How does the RM8.2 Ribbon impact upgrade decisions?

The HP TRIM/RM community is now aware RM8.2 includes the introduction of a Ribbon, replacing menus and toolbars. Thanks to MS Office paving the way with the Ribbon style of interface back in 2007 the major design and functionality change will avoid the backlash from the user community MS Office 2007 received. In fact, the TRIM Toolbars and log Menus were looking very outdated in RM8, and the change of style is a positive move for improvement of first impressions. The 8.2 release comes only about 12 short months after the release of 8.1. Industry wide there are a high proportion of organisations currently immersed in 8.1 upgrade projects. Many people are pausing to ask, “Should the upgrade now be to RM8.2?” In making your decision the following three points regarding time and effort impacts of the Ribbon are worth reviewing: 1. Training Resource Development […]

Join our Free HP TRIM/RM8 eLearning Webinar

You’re invited to join our free webinar on Wednesday 9th September 2015 Time: 14:00 – 14:45 AEST (Find your local time) No more places for the 9th September session. Running another session: Date: Tuesday 15th September 2015; Time: 14:00 – 15:15 AEST Our eLearning can help your organisation use HP TRIM & RM8 more effectively, and a 3 year subscription costs only $5,500 annually.  During the webinar our eLearning consultant will provide a guided tour of the program and will answer any questions you may have, including tips on writing a strong and fully considered business case. Each suite of eLearning consists of 14 courses and 60+ topics. The content is the equivalent of one day of instructor led training and we can provide customised content for your organisation. More details about our eLearning can be found here.

5 Ways to Cut Costs this Financial Year

The start of the new financial year is upon us, and it’s the time when operational budgets for the upcoming 12 months are finalised and allocated.  Regardless of the size of your allocated budget you need to get the most out of it. Project budgets will have been calculated based on a recent analysis of the requirements.  When was the last time you did the same analysis on your operational budget?  It’s very easy to become caught in the trap of operational cost creep and find your allocated budget is inadequate. It is easy to find advice on cutting costs in personal and commercial business budgets.  There is also advice on how to achieve holistic savings across the economy.  But how do you cut costs within a business unit constrained by policies and processes of a government department? Here’s some simple, practical approaches that any […]

Set a Default Record Type in Outlook

If your organisation has a variety of Record Types for electronic documents your users will find it useful to set a default Record Type for their email records.  By doing so they’ll reduce the risk of accidently using the incorrect Record Type. In Outlook go to the HP TRIM / RM ribbon. Select the Settings option.  Once the Settings window appears click on the KwikSelect and choose the preferred default.  Click OK and you’re ready to save emails faster.

Making Friends with your EDRMS Enemy

Information management digital transition projects ruffle the feathers of people across the organisation.  There is general unease at the mere thought of using the required EDRMS software across the staff population.  And then there is always a small group of people who become Challengers. Challengers become major obstruction points to forward movement in the project and can quickly degenerate into becoming the Enemy of EDRMS!  Weekly and daily battles with Challengers consume valuable project team time, and frequently lead to high levels of stress.  It’s common for groups involved in a digital transition project to be describing major battle scenes! How does the EDRMS Project Team make friends with, or better still prevent the existence of “the enemy”? Late Adopters vs. Challengers William Bridges Transition Model[i] identifies three change zones which people will transition through during the introduction of a new model of working and […]

FAQ – How many Record Types is too many?

When providing consultancy services for EDRMS one of the first records management items reviewed is the Record Types; how many, their purpose and their structure.  Commonly the consultant’s recommendations will include reducing the Record Types, which leads to the question of how many Record Types is too many? The assumption is made there is an appropriate number of Record Types.  There is not.  However there are risks to the ease and quality of recordkeeping when excessive and unnecessary Record Types existing in the stockpile. Record Types, like all records management items, require some maintenance, but generally they are low care in relation to managing items such as Locations and Profiles.  Occasionally the settings of Record Types are documented in a spreadsheet to protect against the risk of someone making changes the original settings being lost.  On the odd occasion Notes are wisely used to explain […]

12 tips to improve your communication skills

Learn more about how you can improve your verbal and written communication skills, the common problems you can encounter in doing so, and how you can boost your effectiveness. Courtesy of ChangeFactory.com.au 12 tips to improve your communication skills from Change Factory

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