The Change Management Toolkit – your DIY kit

changeChange management is core to every interaction by the RIM team with business units in a digital environment. You are changing behaviour from shared drive and personal drive use every day. Sometimes it’s a project, but most of the time it’s a less formal program, without budget for training and without a change manager.

Change Factory, Linked Training’s change partner, have recognised that every records and information unit needs support, and developed a practical toolkit that transforms their experience and knowledge into a program of training, planning and implementing the right change actions for your needs. Linked Training have supported and contributed to the development of this toolkit, and we encourage you to invest a few minutes to review it. We know your training outcomes will be improved by following the practical advice and actions.

The Change Management Toolkit is practical step-by-step guide for Project Managers, Records and Information managers and people leaders to assess, manage and implement change. It is useful for anyone involved in planning, designing, executing, and reviewing projects that impact the way people normally conduct their work.

Included are Change Factory’s strategic insights as well as tactics to plan, implement and monitor your change initiative. It has been developed from experience with business transformations and IT system implementations, specifically on EDRMS projects. The toolkit includes tested tools and templates directly applicable to your project. It also includes very comprehensive sections on communication, training and risk management.
The Change Management Toolkit is available as a PDF download and comes with a collection of over 20 Word and Excel templates together with PowerPoint overviews that highlight each chapter of the toolkit.

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