Copying a Record list to MS Excel

There are occasions you will be need to transfer a list of records to MS Excel, either to analyse the TRIM list, compare it with external information or simply to provide someone with a list of records from TRIM. TRIM uses the ‘copy’ function to achieve this.

Start by conducting a search for the relevant list of records. Format the columns headings to show just those you wish to export (e.g. remove the headings you do not require). Tag All the records. Your search may have returned some records that are not relevant to your needs. If so Tag just the records you want to copy.


When you have finalised your selection Right click > Copy > All Tagged Rows. Click OK. In the ‘Copy Record to Clipboard box’ select Yes to All.

Open Excel and select A2. Right Click > Paste. The list of records will appear in the Excel spreadsheet. Add column headings to the first row to match the data exported copied. This will allow you to sort your records.

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