HP Records Manager 8 TRIM Level 1

Master your HP Record Manager recordkeeping system
Develop an understanding of recordkeeping, your obligations and the benefits of using HP Record Manager. This course introduces you to the basic functions of creating, editing, finding and sharing records in HP Record Manager. You will become a proficient end user of the system.  See HPE Content Manager 9 courses for availability of public training sessions.

Topics covered in HP Records Manager 8 TRIM Level 1

♦ Records Management using HP Records Manager ♦ The HP RM Environment ♦ Creating HP RM Records ♦ Finding HP RM Records ♦ Working with Existing Records ♦ Capturing Email

  • Small class for individual attention
  • Certificate of Attendance provided
  • Post course support


● Record Management
● Creating Records
● Finding Records
● Capturing Email