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Budgets for Non-Financial Managers

Managing your operational budget made easy
Increase your skills and confidence in managing budgets through unpacking the “need to know” financial concepts and terminology. Discover the operational underpinnings of budgets, understand your key budget drivers and manage costs from an operational perspective.

Business Process Mapping for EDRMS

Achieve business buy-in with your EDRMS
Continuously increase adoption of your EDRMS through integration of the EDRMS into business processes. Increase the value of Records Management staff by demonstrating how you can achieve decreased risk and increased efficiency for your organisation.

Business Writing Fundamentals

Write professionally and with impact
Many people communicate well in a face to face environment but struggle with the written word. This workshop provides the tools and techniques to get your message across clearly and concisely in a range of written documents.

Coaching Skills for Managers

Develop your people to be the best they can be
When applied well, delegated tasks and coaching are both hugely impactful learning tools that provide staff with high value support. Add effective delegation and coaching to your manager’s tool kit and watch your team members develop and be empowered.

Conducting an Archiving & Disposal Program

Efficiently run regular and unique Archiving activities
Develop a core records management skill while also learning how to effectively plan and engage with the business. You’ll work on developing your own action plan throughout this course which will be unique to the requirements of your organisation and the program you will undertake.

Effective Interpersonal Communication

Communicate assertively and be heard
Maintaining and improving workplace relationships hinges on adequate and appropriate interpersonal communications. Get to know your own communication tendencies and understand others better. Utilise assertiveness techniques to gain respect and be heard.

Engaging & Effective Facilitation

Build your personal facilitation style
People listen and learn from engaging facilitators. Learn how to harness your personal style and experience to teach others using dynamic facilitation. The techniques you learn will be applied in meetings, presentations and classrooms to create an enthusiastic audience.

Establishing & Managing Projects

Build projects that can be successfully implemented
Learn to work with a structured approach to set up suitable work as a project. Use a range of project management tools and techniques that enable participants to plan, implement and complete small to mid-sized projects successfully.

Excel 2013 Level 1

Understand & use the power of Excel to manage data
Become comfortable with writing your own formulas‚ using functions, and learn the important foundation tools of Excel.

Excel 2013 Level 2

Design Spreadsheets to manage & analyse budgets
Delve into the world of IF functions, charts, and lookup functions. Build on the skills you have to create smarter and more efficient spreadsheets.

Excel 2013 Level 3

Become an expert in harnessing the power to Excel
Discover the world of macros and programming which lets you bring a whole new level of intelligence and interactivity to your spreadsheets.

HP Records Manager 8 Actions - Expert Series

Drive effective workflow through Action tracking
Actions and Procedures provide the workflow structure to streamline business process. Learn to develop Actions that support user requirements, and construct searching and reporting methods for improved information management and continuous improvement of process.

HP Records Manager 8 Locations - Expert Series

Harness Locations to manage information effectively
Establishment of a quality Location structure is integral to effective and efficient record and information management. Develop comprehensive knowledge of the behaviour of Locations and the linkages with other record items, and be able to maintain metadata quality efficiently.

HP Records Manager 8 Record Types - Expert Series

Streamline record creation through intelligent design
Record Type design drives quality information management and user adoption. RM8 provides the opportunity to incorporate a range of automated features and intelligent behaviour in record types, and streamline record creation for digital recordkeeping..

HP Records Manager 8 Searching - Expert Series

Construct searches efficiently that return quality results
Managing records and information effectively requires skilful use of the search capabilities of RM8. Learn the principles of how RM8 searches operate, and develop skills in structuring searches that return the specific results you and your users require.

HP Records Manager 8 TRIM Level 1

Master your HP Record Manager recordkeeping system
Develop an understanding of recordkeeping, your obligations and the benefits of using HP Record Manager. This course introduces you to the basic functions of creating, editing, finding and sharing records in HP Record Manager. You will become a proficient end user of the system.  See HPE Content Manager 9 courses for availability of public training sessions.

HP Records Manager 8 TRIM Level 2

Harness the power of HP RM to improve efficiency
Use the features of HP RM to improve the flow of documents and information for your business processes. Gain control of access to documents, streamline workflow, and provide context to information through record relationships. Become an expert end user.
See HPE Content Manager 9 courses for availability of public training sessions.

HPE Content Manager 9 Administration

Establish & maintain an effective HPE CM 9 system
Comprehensive training to set up and maintain your HPE Content Manager 9 system. These highly interactive sessions provide additional insight into how to create the configuration suited to your organisation's culture and environment in order to achieve high recordkeeping adoption.

HPE Content Manager 9 Level 1

Master your HPE Content Manager recordkeeping system
Develop an understanding of recordkeeping‚ your obligations and the benefits of using HPE Content Manager. This course introduces you to the basic functions of creating, editing, finding and sharing records in HPE Content Manager. You will become a proficient end user of the system.

HPE Content Manager 9 Level 2

Harness the power of HPE Content Manager to improve efficiency
Use the features of HPE Content Manager to improve the flow of documents and information for your business processes. Gain control of access to documents‚ streamline workflow, and provide context to information through record relationships. Become an expert end user.

HPE EDRMS eLearning - TRIM, Records Manager, Content Manager - For Individuals

You can learn to master current and previous versions of the HPE EDRMS (TRIM, RM or CM) at your desk
Whether you are new to recordkeeping systems such as TRIM, Records Manager or Content Manager, or you want to learn more about how to get the most of their features, or even if you are an advanced user who requires a quick refresher on some of these systems' functionality, our eLearning is exactly what you need!

HPE EDRMS eLearning - TRIM, Records Manager, Content Manager - For Organisations

End Users master HPE EDRMS (TRIM, RM or CM) at their desk
A suite of eLearning programs tailored to meet the needs of your organisation. Each program is developed to build HPE EDRMS (TRIM, Record Manager or Content Manager) RM skills and knowledge through training that is easy to access, revisit and complete through the User friendly interface.

Leading Change in Information Management

Effectively drive the transition to digital recordkeeping
Information management projects require a methodical and skilled approach to change management to achieve the changed behaviours required to reach high levels of user adoption of software systems and mature recordkeeping practices. Learn to create a change program that fits.

Leading Teams

Lead your team to high performance
Participants leave this course with an approach to team building tailored to meet the needs of their organisation, their team, their own leadership practice and their current situation. Learn how to apply a range of practical tools that help to build team cohesion and team performance.

Managing in a Change Environment

Maintain productivity through changing times
As organisations evolve to meet future demands, change leadership becomes an important skillset for managers to master. Build resilience in team members and implement a communications strategy to ensure your team remains positive and productive throughout uncertain and changing times.

Operate a PC

Develop confidence using your current operating system
Use and operate Microsoft Windows 8 operating system for a range of functions such as copying and moving files, creating and deleting folders, accessing programs and more. Suitable for computer novices..

Outlook 2013 Essentials

Organise your life, your email & your contacts
Become comfortable with sending, receiving, and managing emails. Use an electronic calendar to keep your appointments, meetings, and events in order. Discover ways to create and maintain an extensive contact database.

Performance Management

Tackle the tricky issues
Learn how to manage situations when performance expectations are not being met. You’ll build the confidence to tackle difficult issues using a structured approach & work through a performance issue from your own workplace.

Personal Leadership in Your Role

Become the Leader you want to be
Understand your role & personal expectations so you can develop the influencing and communication skills to personally lead in resolving problems and achieving positive workplace relationships. Through effective goal setting you’ll achieve a satisfying work life balance.

Powerpoint 2013 Level 1

Create professional presentations with ease
Develop and deliver effective slideshow presentations using clip art, drawing and animation tools, and setting backgrounds and designs for your slides.

Powerpoint 2013 Level 2

Impress audiences with dynamic presentations
Produce engaging and professional presentations with advanced techniques such as importing word and excel tables, inserting movie clips and sound, and effectively using master slides in your presentation.

Train the Technical Trainer

Make your training delivery memorable & enjoyable
Deliver great learning outcomes to your adult students. This course provides novice and experienced trainers with the techniques to improve engagement and knowledge retention from instructor-led training delivery. You will learn to deliver consistent, enjoyable technical training.

Word 2013 Level 1

Develop competence & confidence in MS Word
Learn the important fundamentals of Word including styles and structuring, text formatting, and working with the task pane to produce well structured documents.

Word 2013 Level 2

Produce reports efficiently, professionally and stylishly
Streamline your work by improving your management of tab stops, indenting, tables, graphics, and styles to produce professionally presented documents.

Word 2013 Level 3

Master document creation & presentation
Extend your skills to become a true professional in manipulating documents, handling long reports and document automation. Topics include mail merging, columns, interactive documents, tables of contents and indexes.