Course Category

Content Manager 9 Administration

Establish & maintain an effective Content Manager 9 system
Comprehensive training to set up and maintain your  Content Manager 9 system. These highly interactive sessions provide additional insight into how to create the configuration suited to your organisation's culture and environment in order to achieve high recordkeeping adoption.

Content Manager 9 Level 1

Master your Content Manager recordkeeping system
Develop an understanding of recordkeeping‚ your obligations and the benefits of using Content Manager. This course introduces you to the basic functions of creating, editing, finding and sharing records in Content Manager. You will become a proficient end user of the system.  This half day course is available for private delivery by organisations.

Content Manager 9 Level 2

Harness the power of Content Manager to improve efficiency
Use the features of Content Manager to improve the flow of documents and information for your business processes. Gain control of access to documents‚ streamline workflow, and provide context to information through record relationships. Become an expert end user.  This half day course is available for private delivery by organisations.

Content Manager End User eLearning - For Individuals

You can learn to master current and previous versions of the Content Manager EDRMS at your desk
Whether you are new to recordkeeping systems such as TRIM, Records Manager or Content Manager, or you want to learn more about how to get the most of their features, or even if you are an advanced user who requires a quick refresher on some of these systems' functionality, our eLearning is exactly what you need!

Content Manager End User eLearning - For Organisations

End Users master Content Manager EDRMS at their desk
A suite of eLearning programs tailored to meet the needs of your organisation. Each program is developed to build Content Manager EDRMS recordkeeping skills and knowledge through training that is easy to access, revisit and complete through the User friendly interface.  TRIM and Records Manager versions also available.

HP Records Manager 8 Actions - Expert Series

Drive effective workflow through Action tracking
Actions and Procedures provide the workflow structure to streamline business process. Learn to develop Actions that support user requirements, and construct searching and reporting methods for improved information management and continuous improvement of process.

HP Records Manager 8 Locations - Expert Series

Harness Locations to manage information effectively
Establishment of a quality Location structure is integral to effective and efficient record and information management. Develop comprehensive knowledge of the behaviour of Locations and the linkages with other record items, and be able to maintain metadata quality efficiently.

HP Records Manager 8 Searching - Expert Series

Construct searches efficiently that return quality results
Managing records and information effectively requires skilful use of the search capabilities of RM8. Learn the principles of how RM8 searches operate, and develop skills in structuring searches that return the specific results you and your users require.