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Budgets for Non-Financial Managers

Managing your operational budget made easy
Increase your skills and confidence in managing budgets through unpacking the “need to know” financial concepts and terminology. Discover the operational underpinnings of budgets, understand your key budget drivers and manage costs from an operational perspective.

Business Writing Fundamentals

Write professionally and with impact
Many people communicate well in a face to face environment but struggle with the written word. This workshop provides the tools and techniques to get your message across clearly and concisely in a range of written documents.

Coaching Skills for Managers

Develop your people to be the best they can be
When applied well, delegated tasks and coaching are both hugely impactful learning tools that provide staff with high value support. Add effective delegation and coaching to your manager’s tool kit and watch your team members develop and be empowered.

Conducting an Archiving & Disposal Program

Efficiently run regular and unique Archiving activities
Develop a core records management skill while also learning how to effectively plan and engage with the business. You’ll work on developing your own action plan throughout this course which will be unique to the requirements of your organisation and the program you will undertake.

Effective Interpersonal Communication

Communicate assertively and be heard
Maintaining and improving workplace relationships hinges on adequate and appropriate interpersonal communications. Get to know your own communication tendencies and understand others better. Utilise assertiveness techniques to gain respect and be heard.

Engaging & Effective Facilitation

Build your personal facilitation style
People listen and learn from engaging facilitators. Learn how to harness your personal style and experience to teach others using dynamic facilitation. The techniques you learn will be applied in meetings, presentations and classrooms to create an enthusiastic audience.

Establishing & Managing Projects

Build projects that can be successfully implemented
Learn to work with a structured approach to set up suitable work as a project. Use a range of project management tools and techniques that enable participants to plan, implement and complete small to mid-sized projects successfully.

Leading Change in Information Management

Effectively drive the transition to digital recordkeeping
Information management projects require a methodical and skilled approach to change management to achieve the changed behaviours required to reach high levels of user adoption of software systems and mature recordkeeping practices. Learn to create a change program that fits.

Leading Teams

Lead your team to high performance
Participants leave this course with an approach to team building tailored to meet the needs of their organisation, their team, their own leadership practice and their current situation. Learn how to apply a range of practical tools that help to build team cohesion and team performance.

Managing in a Change Environment

Maintain productivity through changing times
As organisations evolve to meet future demands, change leadership becomes an important skillset for managers to master. Build resilience in team members and implement a communications strategy to ensure your team remains positive and productive throughout uncertain and changing times.

Performance Management

Tackle the tricky issues
Learn how to manage situations when performance expectations are not being met. You’ll build the confidence to tackle difficult issues using a structured approach & work through a performance issue from your own workplace.

Personal Leadership in Your Role

Become the Leader you want to be
Understand your role & personal expectations so you can develop the influencing and communication skills to personally lead in resolving problems and achieving positive workplace relationships. Through effective goal setting you’ll achieve a satisfying work life balance.

Train the Technical Trainer

Make your training delivery memorable & enjoyable
Deliver great learning outcomes to your adult students. This course provides novice and experienced trainers with the techniques to improve engagement and knowledge retention from instructor-led training delivery. You will learn to deliver consistent, enjoyable technical training.