Course Category

Excel 2013 Level 1

Understand & use the power of Excel to manage data
Become comfortable with writing your own formulas‚ using functions, and learn the important foundation tools of Excel.

Excel 2013 Level 2

Design Spreadsheets to manage & analyse budgets
Delve into the world of IF functions, charts, and lookup functions. Build on the skills you have to create smarter and more efficient spreadsheets.

Excel 2013 Level 3

Become an expert in harnessing the power to Excel
Discover the world of macros and programming which lets you bring a whole new level of intelligence and interactivity to your spreadsheets.

Operate a PC

Develop confidence using your current operating system
Use and operate Microsoft Windows 8 operating system for a range of functions such as copying and moving files, creating and deleting folders, accessing programs and more. Suitable for computer novices..

Outlook 2013 Essentials

Organise your life, your email & your contacts
Become comfortable with sending, receiving, and managing emails. Use an electronic calendar to keep your appointments, meetings, and events in order. Discover ways to create and maintain an extensive contact database.

Powerpoint 2013 Level 1

Create professional presentations with ease
Develop and deliver effective slideshow presentations using clip art, drawing and animation tools, and setting backgrounds and designs for your slides.

Powerpoint 2013 Level 2

Impress audiences with dynamic presentations
Produce engaging and professional presentations with advanced techniques such as importing word and excel tables, inserting movie clips and sound, and effectively using master slides in your presentation.

Word 2013 Level 1

Develop competence & confidence in MS Word
Learn the important fundamentals of Word including styles and structuring, text formatting, and working with the task pane to produce well structured documents.

Word 2013 Level 2

Produce reports efficiently, professionally and stylishly
Streamline your work by improving your management of tab stops, indenting, tables, graphics, and styles to produce professionally presented documents.

Word 2013 Level 3

Master document creation & presentation
Extend your skills to become a true professional in manipulating documents, handling long reports and document automation. Topics include mail merging, columns, interactive documents, tables of contents and indexes.