Custom Projects

At Linked Training we’re passionate about providing people with learning and performance development services that make a difference; both to business objectives and individual development. Creating training that makes a difference requires a multi-faceted approach. Firstly the overall design of the program scopes out how the program will be structured, implemented and supported. Secondly appropriate content and learning initiatives are developed. And finally the delivery of the training must engage and inspire people.

Linked Training is a team of experts providing end-to-end training solutions or a stand-alone service, such as final delivery of an internally developed program. Our objective is to work in partnership with our clients to jointly provide exceptional solutions and results. View our Case Studies to see the range of solutions we have provided to clients.

Content development

Excellence in content creation is pivotal to creating quality training. It’s the point at which ideas and methods of operating new to the learner are passed on; the very purpose of training. Effective content engages participants and creates people who are willing and able to apply the learning. The learning activities are structured to build confidence, fully understand principles and concepts and provide tools that can be applied post-training. We achieve this through incorporating experiential design into our training design and delivery, and creating content that is relevant to the individual and aligned that with their workplace activity.

At Linked Training SME’s and clients consult to refine the training request through a needs analysis process that confirms we’re addressing the true learning requirement. Regardless of the program size or type we seek to understand the transformation required and then chunk the learning into knowledge, skill and attitude blocks to form the foundation for absorbing new knowledge and skill.

Our talented team is experienced and proficient in developing original technical and professional development courses for general delivery or specific to an industry or role. We excel at understanding core concepts, and explaining them through instruction that resonates with the audience, making learning easier.

Training Delivery

A wide choice of training delivery methods is available from Linked Training. The right delivery method for your training will depend on multiple factors such as budget, time frames, sustainability and geographic location. We’ll assist you in selecting the method or blended learning model that will be effective for your program.
Our range of training delivery methods includes:

  • Instructor led classroom training and workshops
  • Onsite computer training delivered via our Mobile Training Unit
  • Webinars featuring live facilitated discussions and interactive activities
  • Elearning modules available 24/7
  • Self-guided learning resources
  • Work aids (templates, business process maps, quick guides, etc.)
  • Coaching through workplace tasks
  • At desk support to apply new technical skills

Our Trainers

Linked Training is renowned for our high quality of training delivery. At Linked Training we recruit first and foremost on attitude and passion. Our trainers are talented, inspiring individuals who embrace change and opportunity, and are committed to learning. Their past experience will have established them as experts in their subject matter fields and in the consistent delivery of engaging training.
We develop in our trainers a unique delivery style that ensures engagement with and support of each student. We create professionals in developing classroom environments where people feel safe to experiment, challenge themselves, make errors and ask questions. Your trainer is guaranteed to support each learner in comprehending complex information and inspiring them to take on the responsibility of applying their learning at work.

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