Developing a Proactive Team of Managers

businessmenA senior regional manager in a major government department was overwhelmed by the lack of responsibility and results delivered by Branch Managers. The work overload as a result had reached critical levels and a quick, practical solution was required. Having tried many approaches the manager was unable to provide the solution and direction to Branch Managers due to lack of experience in identifying the cause and tools which would empower staff.


Linked Training conducted a learning needs analysis using interviews and focus groups. We reviewed existing tools and business plans. From the information gathered it was identified that Branch Managers critical skill requirements were:

  • Proactivity in developing and achieving business plans
  • Resolving difficult decisions to achieve business outcomes
  • Writing skills specific to their role requirements

Each capability area was developed into classroom based training modules. The result was a practical 3 day program focusing on change, accountability, performance that delivers results and developing annual business plans in alignment with organisational objectives. The development of writing skills was included as a holistic skill development across all the training.


A unique training program specific to organisation and role requirements was developed and delivered. Branch Managers participated with enthusiasm, and major shift is proactivity was experienced by the senior manager. Success was measured by:

  • Branch Managers completed their branch plans for the first time
  • ┬áCustom designed work aids, templates and checklists utilized within the workshops were approved and adopted to aid ongoing decision making and proactivity
  • The program was adapted and adopted for similar roles statewide and has been delivered to over 200 managers.