Displaying “contained within files” in results

HP TRIM has a special feature called “contained within” which allows related records (files, documents, etc.) to appear as shortcuts in an alternative place to their classified “home”.  Simply, when you save a record in one file, you can also make it appear visible in another file.  This is a very useful way to keep associated records together and reduces the need to search separately for them. It ensure the records management principle of having “one source of truth” in maintained.

A typical example would be a procurement file.  The Procurement file would hold all the planning and approach to market records.  The final contract would be classified in a Contracts file.  By establishing an alternatively contains relationship the Contracts file could also display relevant Procurement records which would enable the full story of development of the contract to be obvious.

To keep these files together using this feature you simply turn on a setting in HP TRIM to include “contained within files” to display these records in your search results. To turn on this feature:

  1. Go to TRIM Tools > Options.
  2. Click on the Search Result TabHP TRIm tip
  3. Tick the option “Include Records with the ‘alternatively within’ relationship when displaying the contents of a folder”
  4. Click OK

Now any records you relate using the “Alternatively within” or “Alternatively contains” relationship will be visible when either folder is displayed in the Display Pane.

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