Embedding Leadership & Management Skills at the Frontline Level

leadershipFollowing the development of a leadership program that saw a major behavioral shift in Branch Managers, this major state government client realized the benefits of actively developing the same skills and attitude in frontline management staff. The program would naturally require modification for the different role requirements.


In order to minimize development costs the existing program and additional workshop content was reviewed and adapted in consultation with the Branch Managers. The final content supported the business objectives of the organisation and the Branch Managers to equip the managerial line with consistency in approach. The volume of staff involved in the 2 day workshops included over 200 Frontline Managers dispersed across NSW. Delivery dates and venues were coordinated to meet regional constraints, whilst minimizing the delivery time.


The program achieved an excellent feedback rating from the participants with over 95% satisfaction with the facilitation. The highest endorsement of program success has come from:

  • Clarity of management expectations and responsibilities within multiple management tiers
  • Adoption of the program across the state for Frontline Managers
  • Further adaptation of the program to meet the needs of an additional management group