Equal Opportunity for Learning

disabled adaptation


A program of basic to advanced Word, Excel and PowerPoint was determined for the staff, which was delivered across several months in order to enable consolidation of skills before progression. Each training session was limited to half day delivery as the concentrated learning placed extra physical strain for some participants. Linked Training’s mobile training unit was utilized in order for the half day sessions to be delivered onsite, to allow easy access for staff with transport limitations. Delivery aids, such as large screens, adapted mice and speaking software were incorporated into the delivery as participants required, and trainers briefed on individual participants. Our standard delivery approach of small class sizes individual attention was ideally suited to the client’s needs.


The program structure ensured true skill development, and enabled all staff to commence the training at the appropriate level for their current skills and all progressed at a rate that was comfortable for them. In addition to developing new skills, the team:

  • Had equal access and opportunity to learn and benefited from shared discussion in the learning environment
  • Developed confidence and efficiency in using the applications
  • Felt comfortable learning in an environment and at a pace suitable to them
  • Has continued to use Linked Training to support staff development in subsequent software upgrades.