FAQ – What is the HP RM8 Experts Series?

Records and information management is complex in this digital age.  Practically all public offices use an EDRMS, with HP TRIM being the market preference, to apply records management standards (and many additional standards) within the highly configurable EDRMS software.   As the industry upgrades to HP RM8, the requirement, and the capability of the system, to deliver users an intuitive, appealing and practical configuration is higher than ever in the past.

HP RM8 has set new standards in the capability to provide organisations with a business tool that supports corporate strategy and business unit effectiveness.  But how many current Administrators really know the principles, application and implications of the complex decisions throughout the system?

Traditionally records and information staff with Administrator responsibilities have completed the HP TRIM/RM8 Administrator course.  This course provides a comprehensive overview of the purpose of all objects and items, and an overview of their relationships.  It is an essential starting point for education on HP TRIM/RM8.  Up to now it’s been the start and finish of formal training for front end configuration skills!

Linked Training identified this hasn’t been enough.  It’s a long road of personal development learning by trial and error.

Thus the Experts series was born, with the aim of providing people with a fast track to becoming an HP RM8 Expert.

With the introduction of HP RM8, and major enhancements within the system, there is a clear need to provide a deeper level of skill and understanding.  These enhancements, such as new principles on which searches are constructed, and new record type behaviours, either force or provide organisations with the opportunity to provide a digital information management system that supports ease of capture and excellence in business practices.

The Experts series extends beyond the technical “how to” of configuration.  Each course explains the principles of operation of each item, and the complex inter-relationships between items.  Course participants will explore the outcomes of decisions; the technical outcome, the user response and the business impact. Participants will learn how to make decisions that are appropriate within their environment.

Through fully understanding the capability and impacts of HP RM8, people will be well placed to have intelligent, informed conversations that lead to the best possible configurations and user adoption. When vendors are engaged, internal Administrators will have a greater understanding of available options and best practice, and thus improved project management.

Four Expert courses have been released:

Each course assumes participants have basic Administration skills, as covered in the HP RM8 Administrator training.  Completion of the Administrator course is not a prerequisite, but equivalent skills are.  The courses then extend on this base knowledge to expand skills and knowledge in areas of complex configuration.  Each course outline provides specific information on the content to be covered.

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