New Multi-Pack HPE eLearning for Small Groups

Our HPE eLearning for TRIM / Record Manager / Content Manager continues to grow in popularity, but is it an affordable solution for your organisation?  It is now with the introduction of Multi-Packs, which enable discounted purchases for training small numbers of staff. For large organisations the decision has always been easy.  The $6,600 per annum subscription to the 60 topic program is a justifiable decision for organisations from 300 to 1,000 staff.  The price per participant ranges from $20 per person right down to $6.  That makes it a very cost effective method compared to face to face training, with the added bonuses of no travel costs, and immediate delivery. We have many organisations under 300 staff subscribed to eLearning, but for some organisations it is difficult to make the purchase when it competes with other current priorities. “Multi-Packs” are now available for purchase […]

Using Client / Matter Record Types

There are a number of new Record Type behaviours in RM, including the Client behaviour and the Matter behaviour. Using these Record Types enables effective capture of legal records. A Client record is established, which holds the Matter records (of that Client), which utilise the Automated Sub Folder feature. Sub Folders can be regular folder records with classification applied. For example: Tip – Think bigger! Can you use this just for legal records or any Client based transactional area….

Join our Free HP TRIM/RM8 eLearning Webinar

You’re invited to join our free webinar on Wednesday 9th September 2015 Time: 14:00 – 14:45 AEST (Find your local time) No more places for the 9th September session. Running another session: Date: Tuesday 15th September 2015; Time: 14:00 – 15:15 AEST Our eLearning can help your organisation use HP TRIM & RM8 more effectively, and a 3 year subscription costs only $5,500 annually.  During the webinar our eLearning consultant will provide a guided tour of the program and will answer any questions you may have, including tips on writing a strong and fully considered business case. Each suite of eLearning consists of 14 courses and 60+ topics. The content is the equivalent of one day of instructor led training and we can provide customised content for your organisation. More details about our eLearning can be found here.

Set a Default Record Type in Outlook

If your organisation has a variety of Record Types for electronic documents your users will find it useful to set a default Record Type for their email records.  By doing so they’ll reduce the risk of accidently using the incorrect Record Type. In Outlook go to the HP TRIM / RM ribbon. Select the Settings option.  Once the Settings window appears click on the KwikSelect and choose the preferred default.  Click OK and you’re ready to save emails faster.

“HP RM8 – What’s New & What’s Changed” Webinar Invitation

Last year we hosted a series of “HP RM8 – What’s New & What’s Changed” events in the major cities of the country, to prepare organisations for future upgrades to HP RM8. At the request of some of you who weren’t able to join us in person at these events, we are now organising a free webinar with the same agenda for those who want to be prepared to unpack and solve the challenges of the next RM8 implementations. No more places for the 7th May session. Running another session: Date: Thursday 14th May 2015; Time: 14:00 – 15:15 AEST (Find your local time) WEBINAR AGENDA: HP RM8 – What’s new & what’s changed Comprehensive overview providing valuable insight into what’s changed and how the full integration of the IDOL search engine will impact you and your End Users. • Essential changes for records and information […]

Maintaining Unknown (Ghost) Locations

A System Administrator will need to include regular maintenance on Unknown Locations as part of a system quality assurance routine. There are two options for maintaining Unknown Locations: Replace – Find the existing Location (i.e. internal staff member) that matches an Unknown Location. Right click -> Delete and enter the replacement Location to update all existing records. When you attempt to delete the Location, RM will prompt you to specify a replacement Location. Convert – If the Unknown Location does not match any existing Location double click on it and update the Location type. Try to perform maintenance on Unknown Locations outside of ‘heavy traffic’ hours, as it can cause the performance on the entire system to slow down.

Preventing Unknown (Ghost) Locations

Ghost Locations most often occur when an e-mail is saved into HP TRIM/RM. When an email is catalogued TRIM/RM attempts to find a Location that has a matching email address for the sender of the email, and if a match is not found then a Ghost Location is created. It is up to a System Administrator to manage and clean up these Ghost Locations. Here are 3 tips for minimising the creation of Ghost Locations. 1. Disable auto contact creation when cataloguing emails System Options -> Record Tab -> uncheck Convert all recipients to contacts for the Record. You may lose some desired recordkeeping functionality if you decide to disable this option. 2. Only automatically add email contacts if the Locations exist System Options -> Record Tab -> check both Convert all recipients to contacts for the Record & Only add recipients as contacts if […]

Introducing the new HP RM8 Expert Series

Following on from the positive feedback received from the “HP RM8 – What’s New & What’s Changed” national event, we are now excited to announce the launch of the HP RM8 Expert Series – specialised one day courses designed to take your RM administration skills to a new level. These courses will be organised in Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne, Brisbane and Darwin. Expert Series: HP RM8 Actions Actions and Procedures provide the workflow structure to streamline business process. Learn to develop Actions that support user requirements, and construct searching and reporting methods for improved information management and continuous improvement of process. Expert Series: HP RM8 Locations Establishment of a quality Location structure is integral to effective and efficient record and information management. Develop comprehensive knowledge of the behaviour of Locations and the linkages with other record items, and be able to maintain metadata quality efficiently. Expert […]

Access Rights Quick Check

Access messages in HP TRIM or RM8 can be confusing to End Users.  It’s useful for End Users to know that by double clicking their name in the TRIM Status Bar will open up their profile to view access rights. To easily see your access rights, double click on your name located at the bottom of the TRIM Status Bar. -> TRIM will open your Location Details information. Click on the Profile tab and scroll through the Permissions.  You have access to perform those with a tick beside them.

Writing the Business Case for eLearning – HP TRIM 7 or HP RM8

The majority of records managers work in a public office and thus a formal business case must be approved before public money can be allocated. At Linked Training we are frequently asked to provide information to records teams putting together a business case for HP  TRIM (and now also Records Manager 8 – RM8) eLearning. Every organisation will have a different reason and required outcome for selecting eLearning as part of their HP TRIM / RM8 delivery package so I’ve packaged our general advice into this article, and you can add your organisations specific situation and detail to support your case. The exact structure of a business case will vary organisation by organisation and it’s important to be aware of any templates or structures preferred in your organisation. There are both reactive and proactive situations on which a HP TRIM eLearning business case is built. […]

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