HP RM8 eLearning now available

Linked Training staff is proud to announce the release of our complete suite of HP RM8 eLearning, continuing the growth and development of our HP Records Manager 8 (RM8) training capability. Our eLearning platform SkillLink provides an uncomplicated, customised online HP RM8 training platform for eLearning managers and participants alike. Attending, delivering and managing HP RM8 training has never been easier! Topics of HP RM8 can be purchased as an off-the-shelf solution or customised to suit specific work practices. Sampling our HP RM8 eLearning is easy – call us on 02 8824 4677 and speak to an eLearning consultant or complete the contact form below and our eLearning expert will contact you shortly. Later edit: HP TRIM and HPE Records Manager eLearning now available on a new, cloud hosted learning system. For a free demo go to eL.linkedtraining.com.au

RM8 Searching – Under the Bonnet

Having explored the new Records Manager 8 interface features that impact End Users in the article ‘The New World of RM8”, this article moves on to take a look under the search bonnet and prepares you to experience a paradigm shift in your search methodology! As you start using RM8 to conduct searches your first question will be “what happened to the Search Methods I used in HP TRIM when managing records?” For instance, traditionally you’d search for all Records with overdue Actions assigned by opening the Search form and selecting the Search Method ‘Record Actions Overdue’.  In TRIM 7 ‘Record Actions Overdue’ sits under the Business Process Search Method category with a range of Action related Search Methods, as per Figure 1. Figure 1:  TRIM 7 In RM8 (Figure 2) you will quickly find there is no Record Actions Overdue Search Method. Figure 2:  […]

The New World of RM8

The question of “What is new for the End User?” is faced by every organisation upgrading from one version of software to another. Major, and sometimes even minor, changes in the interface, the functionality and the features require training in some form for the end users to seamlessly transition. Where there is little change or competent users this may be in the form of informative presentations and flyers. For a different audience or extensive change more formal training may be required. Regardless, there will be a need to prepare resources, allocate training time and set aside the budget for this. With Record Manager 8 (RM8) released by HP as the latest version of the TRIM EDRMS many records units will be trying to decide if they should upgrade to TRIM 7 or RM8. TRIM 7 is now well established, and although for TRIM Administrators and […]

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