HP TRIM Adoption for 10,000 Staff Across State

handsWith over 10,000 staff a major government department was faced with the significant hurdle of achieving quality consistent records management practices to meet the State Records Act and reduce business risk on a minimal budget. With staff spread across the entire state of NSW and an increasing volume of information to manage born digital records were recognized as a solution to improved service and business efficiency. It was critical the solution provided embedded TRIM use and skills and did not require ongoing face to face training to maintain use of the system.


Linked Training was engaged to drive a continuous improvement program that would achieve ongoing adoption of TRIM by business units. In a highly resistant environment a program was design that would build trust in the TRIM system and outcomes which could be achieved, and educate business areas so they could make informed decisions on the use of TRIM for their processes. A simple, repeatable blend of communication, information sessions, stakeholder meetings, classroom training and desktop support was designed that empowered business units to drive their own goals and develop their own rules, all within the framework established by the records management team.


In the initial 6 months of the project a solid platform for engagement and skill building was developed which was fully tested and has been then continuously rolled out for over 18 months. Outcomes included:

  •  Growth in records capture has increased by %
  •  Senior Managers have accepted responsibility for developing file plans and business rules
  •  Nominated document were fully transferred to TRIM and utilized by all team members within the business unit, thus embedding skills
  •  Business processes were reviewed and efficiency of the process improved.
  •  Documentation of processes enabled managers to increase delegation of responsibilities due to clarity of requirements.