HP TRIM Tip: Alerts

HP TRIM’s Alerts feature is available to all Users. It allows you to define sets of criteria for information that you are interested in and prompts TRIM to send you an E-mail notification whenever a record meets the criteria (e.g. if you are a Human Resources Manager and want to be alerted each time a user creates a new container under the classification of “Recruitment”).

Alerts can be triggered by various events in HP TRIM including notifying Users when records have been created, modified or destroyed and when content has been added or removed from containers. You might also set up an alert on a particular electronic document record so that you are notified when another user adds a new revision.

If your Administrator has enabled Alerts in your TRIM dataset, you can access and create Alerts via your Tools menu.

To create an Alert

  1. From the Tools menu, select Alerts to display the Alerts Windows.
  2. Right-click and select New Alert to display the Alert creation wizard.
  3. In the New Alert – Alert slide of the wizard, (Send me an E-mail when) select the event you wish to be notified about by e-mail and click Next.
  4. In the Alert Condition slide, select when the event should occur (e.g. For Records that have a Classification of…)
  5. Enter the value for the condition that you selected (the field related to the selected event will display in the slide).
  6. Click Next… In the Optional Condition slide, select the optional condition you wish to apply and enter a value (the field related to the condition you select, will display in the slide).
  7. Click Finish to save the Alert.

To view details of existing alerts:

Right-click on the Alert and select Properties.


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