HPE EDRMS recordkeeping eLearning (TRIM, Records Manager, Content Manager)

Linked Training’s suite of fully developed HPE EDRMS (TRIM, Records Manager & Content Manager) eLearning topics is proven throughout Australia to build skills and deliver results. Access, deliver and manage essential training, inlcuding HPE Content Manager eLearning, using professional resources whenever and wherever.

HPE EDRMS eLearning (TRIM, Records Manager, Content Manager) for Organisations

HPE Content Manager eLearning Organisations

An uncomplicated, customised recordkeeping eLearning platform for learning managers and participants alike. Available with purchasing options for both large and small organisations.

Attending, delivering and managing training has never been easier! Create a training program from our library of ready-made online training, or implement a customised solution. Each program is developed to build HPE EDRMS (choose between TRIM, Records Manager, & Content Manager) skills and knowledge through training that is easy to access, revisit and complete through the User friendly interface. Read more details.

HPE EDRMS eLearning (TRIM, Records Manager, Content Manager) for Individuals

HPE Content Manager eLearning Individuals

An eLearning solution to accommodate all training needs.

Whether you are new to recordkeeping systems such as HPE Content Manager (formerly known as TRIM), you want to learn more about how to get the most of their features, or even if you are an advanced user who require a quick refresher on some of these systems’ functionality, our eLearning is exactly what you need! Read more details.