HPE EDRMS eLearning (TRIM, Records Manager, Content Manager) for Organisations

HPE Content Manager

End Users master recordkeeping at their desk through eLearning (TRIM, Records Manager or Content Manager)

A suite of eLearning programs tailored to meet the needs of your organisation, inclusive of HPE Content Manager eLearning for Organisations. Each program is developed to build HPE EDRMS (TRIM, Records Manager, or Content Manager) skills and knowledge through training that is easy to access, revisit and complete through the User friendly interface.  If your training need is for a small group, also take a look at our Multi-Pack offering.

A solution that rewards records managers with a quality training program

Our HPE EDRMS eLearning program provides a unique offering for all your Users; Users that are new to the HPE EDRMS (TRIM, Records Manager or Content Manager), Users that want to learn more about using the system and even advanced Users who require a quick refresher on some of the functionality.

It’s a self-paced training program Users can access at any time that is actually modelled on the best instructor led training experience. Each topic comprehensively explains both how and why to use all essential features. The clear, positive narration makes the case study based 3-5 minute topics a confidence building experience that improves the User engagement with recordkeeping.

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Our suite of HPE Content Manager eLearning for Organisations is also available in Records Manager and TRIM versions. The complete suite of 60+ topics is structured into Courses and provided to you as Training Programs configured to meet your User’s training needs. The complete suite is the equivalent of one day of instructor led training.

The suite of eLearning topics are generic and are proven by multiple clients to be a highly effective training resource as purchased off the shelf.

Customisation is recommended where our generic suite does not fit the learning needs of your Users. We’ve created a Standard Customisation package at a special rate, and during our consultation with you we’ll discuss any needs for more advanced customisation.

HPE Content Manager eLearning for Organisations

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  • Low annual subscription
  • Topics customisation available
  • Cloud LMS hosting

  • Recordkeeping Essentials
  • Moving Records to the EDRMS
  • Creating a New Container
  • Catalogue Emails on Send