Ready to Get Started with HPE Content Manager 9 Training?

As clients plan upgrades to HPE Content Manager 9, naturally people are keen to know if CM9 training is available, and will it be ready in time for their upgrade? Development of both HPE Content Manager 9 eLearning and course manuals is well underway, with an anticipated completion time frame for the full suite of late March.  This meets the requirements of current clients and their implementation dates. Naturally many records teams would like a sneak peek at the front-end changes in CM9.  It can be very difficult to catch a glimpse from HPE of this before the installation of the software. We’ve reviewed End User features before commencing development.  We can assure you there are no major changes coming for your End Users, if you already use 8.2 or 8.3.  The icons and layout of the CM desktop remain consistent with RM8.2 and 8.3, […]

New Multi-Pack HPE eLearning for Small Groups

Our HPE eLearning for TRIM / Record Manager / Content Manager continues to grow in popularity, but is it an affordable solution for your organisation?  It is now with the introduction of Multi-Packs, which enable discounted purchases for training small numbers of staff. For large organisations the decision has always been easy.  The $6,600 per annum subscription to the 60 topic program is a justifiable decision for organisations from 300 to 1,000 staff.  The price per participant ranges from $20 per person right down to $6.  That makes it a very cost effective method compared to face to face training, with the added bonuses of no travel costs, and immediate delivery. We have many organisations under 300 staff subscribed to eLearning, but for some organisations it is difficult to make the purchase when it competes with other current priorities. “Multi-Packs” are now available for purchase […]


The latest version of Hewlett Packard Enterprises (HPE) EDRMS software is here, with many organisations already planning their upgrade. Most people know the software is now known as Content Manager 9, with the 9 versioning reflecting it is a development progression on Records Manager 8. HPE advise that this branding change will position the product to better reflect its true capabilities to manage content received in any form and used for any purpose. It’s a declaration that this product has valuable functionality beyond storing official records. The name is intended to make the product more attractive to all areas and all Users within your organisation. Records Manager implied the product was primarily for the management of records retention and paper based records. This is all true of course, but still you may be feeling a little weary from the Records Manager 8 changes. Many organisations […]

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