Introducing the new HP RM8 Expert Series

Following on from the positive feedback received from the “HP RM8 – What’s New & What’s Changed” national event, we are now excited to announce the launch of the HP RM8 Expert Series – specialised one day courses designed to take your RM administration skills to a new level. These courses will be organised in Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne, Brisbane and Darwin.

Expert Series: HP RM8 Actions

Actions and Procedures provide the workflow structure to streamline business process. Learn to develop Actions that support user requirements, and construct searching and reporting methods for improved information management and continuous improvement of process.

Expert Series: HP RM8 Locations

Establishment of a quality Location structure is integral to effective and efficient record and information management. Develop comprehensive knowledge of the behaviour of Locations and the linkages with other record items, and be able to maintain metadata quality efficiently.

Expert Series: HP RM8 Record Types

Record type design drives quality information management and user adoption. RM8 provides the opportunity to incorporate a range of automated features and intelligent behaviour in Record Types, and streamline record creation for digital recordkeeping.

Expert Series: HP RM8 Searching

Managing records and information effectively requires skilful use of the search capabilities of RM8. Learn the principles of how RM8 searches operate, and develop skills in structuring searches that return the specific results you and your users require.

If you are interested in exploring our training offerings further and to check the course dates you may access the schedule on or simply call us.

Online booking is available and 25% discount for organisations that attended ‘HP RM8 What’s New & What’s Changed’ event will apply.


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