The New Language of HP Records Manager

For decades now records have been “TRIMmed” and in the world of EDRMS the word has been adopted as a verb for those organisations with the HP TRIM. With the release of version 8, and the retitling of the software by Hewlett Packard to Records Manager, a rethink on the use of our recordkeeping language is required.

The natural abbreviation is RM, and around the traps records teams have adopted “RM8” as the diminutive title. In slang, we’re now RuMin8ing our records!

Is that the label we really want for the system? It may appeal, and be amusing, for records staff, but it increases the opportunity for ridicule of the system by End Users.

A simple reference of RM could be adopted, but as one of our clients discovered, the reputation of the EDRMS was being confused with that of another failed software rollout which bore the same acronym. Their change management program was going to have to work hard to clearly distinguish between the two.

At Linked Training we’ve decided to utilise the full title of Records Manager as we move forward in developing End User training resources. Version numbers are still important to reference as End Users need be confident their resources correspond with their version, but they do not need to be prominent.

For IT and Records staff the version number is naturally more important to include when referring to the software, as there are generally greater functional differences from an implementation and configuration perspective.

Time, therefore, to review your resources and consider your language from the viewpoint of creating greater acceptance amongst End Users.

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