New Multi-Pack HPE eLearning for Small Groups

Our HPE eLearning for TRIM / Record Manager / Content Manager continues to grow in popularity, but is it an affordable solution for your organisation?  It is now with the introduction of Multi-Packs, which enable discounted purchases for training small numbers of staff.

For large organisations the decision has always been easy.  The $6,600 per annum subscription to the 60 topic program is a justifiable decision for organisations from 300 to 1,000 staff.  The price per participant ranges from $20 per person right down to $6.  That makes it a very cost effective method compared to face to face training, with the added bonuses of no travel costs, and immediate delivery.

We have many organisations under 300 staff subscribed to eLearning, but for some organisations it is difficult to make the purchase when it competes with other current priorities.

“Multi-Packs” are now available for purchase to provide an easier option when the budget is tight or training participants will be low in number.  Multi-Packs are a one-off fee, not an annual fee.

A Multi-Pack is the pre-paid purchase of several enrolments in HPE EDRMS eLearning.  The Multi-Pack purchaser can decide between eLearning packs for 5, 10 or 20 participants.  This provides a discount of 50% to 75% discount off our full price of $275 per individual purchase.

Once the order is confirmed, the purchaser will receive a number of “Token Codes” equivalent to the level of Multi-Pack selected.  These Token Codes are distributed to the individuals required to participate in the training.  Each individual will receive:

  • Access to 60 topics in the HPE EDRMS version of choice, covering recordkeeping responsibilities, basic and advanced functions
  • Three months in which to complete their training from the time of enrolment (not the time of purchase) – plenty of opportunity to revise as they learn
  • A certificate on completion of the training.

Who are HPE eLearning Multi-Packs handy for?

We introduced them to assist small organisations, but already they are popular with some larger clients not currently using a subscription.

  • Training the Records Team in the latest version pre-implementation – the team will have a comprehensive knowledge of the end user changes
  • New staff coming on board in a small organisation – you may only have 10 new staff per year, and giving the support they really need is a challenge
  • Remote staff who do not have timely access to your face to face training – many remote staff simply miss out on training due to the time and cost to get to sessions.

For compliance with recordkeeping standards you do need to be measuring participation in training, which you can achieve with a Multi-Pack by recording the completion certificate.

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