Ready to Get Started with HPE Content Manager 9 Training?

As clients plan upgrades to HPE Content Manager 9, naturally people are keen to know if CM9 training is available, and will it be ready in time for their upgrade?

Development of both HPE Content Manager 9 eLearning and course manuals is well underway, with an anticipated completion time frame for the full suite of late March.  This meets the requirements of current clients and their implementation dates.

Naturally many records teams would like a sneak peek at the front-end changes in CM9.  It can be very difficult to catch a glimpse from HPE of this before the installation of the software.

We’ve reviewed End User features before commencing development.  We can assure you there are no major changes coming for your End Users, if you already use 8.2 or 8.3.  The icons and layout of the CM desktop remain consistent with RM8.2 and 8.3, as does the functionality.  We have identified some very, very minor changes in wording in dialogue boxes.  For instance, when tagging multiple items and actioning them, the dialogue box no longer asks you to select between All Tagged Rows and the Selected Row.  It assumes you wish to process all tagged rows.

If you currently use TRIM, RM8.0 or 8.1 then there will be significant changes for your End Users.  These versions pre-date the introduction of searching changes and the replacement of menus with the ribbon.

Those organisations who currently have an eLearning subscription and access to TRIM, RM8.0 or 8.1 eLearning, may request access for your records team to our RM8.3 eLearning prior to upgrading to CM9.  The 8.3 training content is fully compatible with the CM9 version, and will prepare your records team with searching and ribbon command changes they will experience.  This will be provided as standard configuration.

If your organisation is currently preparing to purchase an eLearning subscription, we can provide access to the RM8.3 training in the standard configuration, again to prepare your records team.  As soon as the CM9 training is released your version will be upgraded.

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