Records Manager 8.3 – The End User Change

Change Improvement Development Adjust Transform ConceptAre you exhausted by the Records Manager 8 upgrade? The cycle of version releases is challenging organisations moving ahead to a new version of software.

In December 2015 Linked Training undertook an Australia wide industry survey, the results of which were released in the Key Findings Report: Common Challenges in Information Management, and included the planned activity records teams would be involved in over the next year or so. Enthusiasm for upgrading to a new version of the TRIM software with improved searching features was very high. 48% of survey respondents aimed to upgrade to version 8 by June 2015, and 86% aimed to have upgraded by June 2016.

It’s June 2016 and our observation is the upgrade rate has been about a third of original expectations. Upgrade fatigue is challenging those who have yet to complete the task.

The move from HP TRIM version 7.x to HP Records Manager version 8 saw a significant change in the technical platform the software is built on. Each organisation, therefore, needs to fully appraise the current IT environment, and make the required adjustments before implementing the version 8 and beyond of Records Manager.

In addition the rapid release of new versions, with changes of interface, and difficult decision making related to new licencing and the inclusion of additional software packages (e.g. Web Client, Workflow), has compounded the time delays. Each new version requires investigation, and in many cases new learning to understand functionality and capability. A time consuming task each time.

In addition to the infrastructure changes, HP made the significant mid-version change of adding the ribbon to the Records Manager desktop in the release of Records Manager 8.2. The ribbon is a user-friendly, intuitive and long overdue improvement for End Users, but it did require every organisation to suddenly and thoroughly review all training material in addition to implementing the new version.

Rewriting training material is a significant piece of work for any organisation, and with a continuing decrease in the size of records management units, many organisations are fatigued by the level of work required to perform this task and write material that instructs Users in a different approach to that traditionally used.

With HPE Records Manager 8.3 released earlier this year there has been more concern within teams that resources will require additional rewriting. The assumption is the change of branding and colour scheme for the software heralds additional End User changes.
Following a review of Records Manager 8.3 functionality for End Users, be reassured that Records Manager 8.2 training resources, quick guides, etc. will not require a rewrite.

Assuming your organisation has undertaken an 8.2 rewrite of training resources, and has now made the decision to implement 8.3, schedule a low level of work for upgrading courseware. The main difference for End Users is that new logo colour; a trivial change. Whilst as an Administrator you will be aware of greater flexibility in custom ribbon and shortcut bar design, remember this is not a feature taught to End Users.

Tweak your training resources, and await the arrival of version 9 before you plan more work.

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