Removing Travel Barriers Creates Equal Opportunity

graduationOnlineIt was obvious when we conducted a training needs analysis in preparation for the delivery of the Diploma of Management that Regional Managers in this major NSW Government department were missing out on training and career progression. The cost and time of travel was creating barriers to participating in traditional face to face delivery of the qualification. There were people with potential who were keen, but were faced with driving over three hours each way to reach a centralized location.


We introduced the use of webinars, focusing on duplicating the experiential content and quality of the face to face program to provide an equal experience. The structure of small group delivery and chunking course content into two hour sessions was enthusiastically received across the state. Our virtual classroom brought together Managers across the state via the internet. Not only did their management skills improve, they also became proficient in interactive virtual meetings! Conveniently the webinars were recorded so that absentees can replay the session at any time.


This program was to become the first of many qualifications delivered by webinar for this client. The Regional Managers achieved equivalent academic results to their city counterparts completing the same program via classroom delivery. In addition the organisation achieved:

  • A saving of approximately $60K with each qualification delivered by webinar
  • Cross-regional sharing of ideas and processes
  • Excellent continuous progression in the program due to short bursts of learning
  • Improved use of technology and reduction of physical separation as a barrier to communication