Setting up Dropped Files/Folders

When you have multiple documents sitting in a folder on a network drive that you would like to register to the same container in TRIM its useful to set up the Dropped Files and Dropped Folders tabs in TRIM. The Dropped Files tab establishes the default Record Type and Container for the documents, while the Dropped Folders tab enables you to drag whole folders containing files to TRIM. The files are then checked in as electronic documents to the default container you set up in the Dropped Files tab. This saves registering each document individually.

Dropped Files

HP TRIM dropped filesTurn on this feature through Tools > Options and Click on the Dropped Files tab. In addition to the default Record Type and Container you can choose the degree of automation in your check in process.

Note that deselecting the ‘Confirm check in action before continuing’ is dependent on there being no other mandatory fields on the form.

If you select ‘Delete document after it has been processed’ you save yourself the work of having to clean-up your network drive.

If you are registering an E-mail message, you will be able to choose one of three settings. The last setting is great as it will keep the size of your mail box down.

Dropped Folders

HP TRIM dropped foldersTurn on this feature through Tools > Options and Click on the Dropped Folders tab. Select all the check boxes. Use ‘Only document types that match’ when you want to filter the registration of documents to specific file extensions.

Note: If the ‘Automatic Profiling’ of files setting is turned on and your record form includes Author, any Authors which are not already a Location in TRIM will be created as a new contact with minimal information (e.g. ghosts)

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