Solving the HP TRIM Training Backlog

helpThis NSW Government Department approached us with the problem of solving their eighteen month backlog in HP TRIM classroom training due to the insufficient Records unit resourcing.

The Department had developed a sound three step HP TRIM training model, in which the supervisor was responsible for leading new employees through the very basics of how to use HP TRIM upon induction, which was followed by two levels of classroom training. The practical reality was supervisors lacked the skills, time or commitment to provide the basic training and with over 100 sites across NSW to service and minimal budget requirement for classroom could not be physically or financially met.

Faced with further reduction in Records staff and budget the Department needed a sustainable solution that would enable them to meet their recordkeeping obligations.


eLearning was the obvious example. With a set price and low cost per person the Department could budget accurately for their training requirements, and it provided consistent quality training on employment, removing the need for supervisors to be HP TRIM experts or good trainers. We worked closely with the Department to mirror their established model by matching eLearning topics with the required TRIM skills for each stage of training, with customisation to their configuration and requirements. The Records Training Administrator enthusiastically took on the role of notifying and monitoring the HP TRIM eLearning, ensuring all new staff were trained before being provided with full system privileges in HP TRIM.


The new online HP TRIM program commenced delivery in 2008 (and continues to this day). Feedback was overwhelmingly positive across the range of students, which the consensus being the training was equal to instructor led training. Other outcomes included:
Over 70% reduction in support calls on “How do I do ….” improved quality of call.
Annual saving of over $200K in training delivery
Consistent quality training regardless of supervisor skill
Training on job commencement, vastly reducing the establishment of shared drive practices.