How to Validate the Value of your Qualification

Records Management as a role is becoming increasingly recognised within organisations. Having a Certificate IV in Recordkeeping builds skills in many aspects of records management, including identifying and managing the risk to an organisation of data retention and recovery. But you cannot expect your organisation to automatically approve the expenditure required, unless you can demonstrate the value to the business unit and organistion. Most managers will require you to present a  Business Case if you are requesting their sponsorship to undertake a course from a Registered Training Organisation (RTO).   Presenting a Business Case demonstrates your commitment to the proposed study. It also outlines the benefits of your professional development to the Records Unit and organisation as a whole. A good business case removes the focus from being on what you gain personally, and emphasises the organisation gains. In preparing your case think about ‘What, So […]

FAQ – Which Recordkeeping Qualification Level is right for me?

There is an increasing recognition of records and information management as a professional career.  In the progression of that career, both vertically, and in relation to technology and corporate demands, skill development is necessary.  The Australian Quality Training Framework (AQTF) provides access to tertiary education for people entering the industry, or currently employed in the industry.  But there are multiple levels of qualification, so how do you make the decision regarding the appropriate level to start your records management qualification pathway? There are four qualifications specific to records and information management in the AQTF[i]: Certificate III in Recordkeeping Certificate IV in Recordkeeping Diploma of Recordkeeping Advanced Diploma of Recordkeeping Within these qualifications the necessary skills, knowledge and attitude are contained to be a competent operator in a wide range of position levels.  Naturally it seems sensible to commence a career path by completing a Certificate […]

Certificate IV in Recordkeeping via distance – FAQ

What does the Certificate IV in Recordkeeping via distance cost? Linked Training offers the Certificate IV in Recordkeeping via distance at a total investment of $3,200 per person. We will provide support for you to access government funding. Funding arrangements vary between states in Australia. How are payments made? The qualification can be paid in full prior to commencement or via a payment plan as outlined below: Item Amount Stage Enrolment Fee $506 Compulsory fee prior to commencement Records Units $1080 Upon enrolment in Records units Admin Units Stage 1 $810 Upon enrolment in Admin Units Stage 1 Admin Units Stage 2 $804 Upon enrolment in Admin Units Stage 2 Total $3,200   Who is the course for? Those seeking a career in or are currently working in records management who have basic knowledge of filing records and using a records management system. The Certificate […]

To Be or Not To Be… Qualified that is [The Certificate IV in Recordkeeping journey]

It’s been a long, arduous journey. We’ve broken new ground. We’ve taken on challenges set by the industry, and imposed our own stringent quality standards. We’ve debated amongst ourselves and industry professionals on content, context, format and style. It’s taken 6 months of solid work, and now we have a Certificate IV in Recordkeeping program ready to unveil to the records management industry. And what could make it so difficult I hear you also ask. And if it is, then why bother at all? Let me take you on a journey. What a qualification in Certificate IV in Recordkeeping should deliver Not surprisingly, I believe in the worth of qualifications. Not because of the value of the qualification itself though. Yes, that piece of paper listed on your resume will enable you to meet the criteria listed in job descriptions, and open opportunities to get the […]

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