EDRMS Planning – Research applied to reality

EDRMS implementation has evolved. Recognition that a successful implementation requires adoption, not just software installation, has become the norm in the 2010’s. Project managers are investing the extra effort in planning strategically to drive adoption. As a result, project team members are starting to work towards the common goal of user preference of the EDRMS as the repository of choice. There’s a long way to go before all is harmonious, and even further before it’s easy. However, we’ve moved beyond the ‘just another software roll-out’ mentality that dominated the project approach up to 2009. At InForum 2011 we presented the research project “Training & Change Models for EDRMS: What’s passing and Failing?” The presentation provided industry data on success factors for EDRMS adoption. Success factors consistently increased success by 5 to 20 percentage points for no dollar increase in costs in most cases. Great news […]

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