Effective Elearning – Tell, Show, Do…

It’s widely accepted that Elearning requires interactivity to improve learners’ skills and deliver results. What’s not well understood is that not all types of interactivity are equally effective. After several years of testing methods and pilot programs, our Elearning resources have been fine-tuned to the following model… which is based on sound adult learning techniques: Tell, Show, Do…  Tell – the purpose of the exercise is explained to the student. This is accompanied by instructions on how to do it by a narrator character. Informative narratives help the student to understand the topic. Show – the student is directed through the exercise with clear step-by-step instructions. Interactive training style keeps the student engaged throughout the training. Clear, simple, and relaxed language caters for a wide range of experience and skill levels. Do – the student completes the exercise independently within the online environment. Feedback on […]

Using eLearning as the backbone of your EDRMS training

When you are faced with training hundreds to thousands of staff in recordkeeping, elearning is the modern day solution. The use of Electronic Document Record Management Systems (EDRMS) requires all staff to actively participate in recordkeeping. Staff will require cost effective training in both the principles of recordkeeping and the software application being used. And a training program needs to be established that can be sustained for new employees. Elearning has been recognised as a training resource for at least the past ten years, but has suffered a poor reputation. Poor content and structure and a lack of computer skills in many industries led to lack of participation and therefore low levels of effectiveness. However the eLearning landscape has undergone significant change in the last few years which has lead to significant improvements in eLearning as an effective training resource. Firstly the software to create […]

Introducing SkillLink: Your Managed Online Training Solution

This month Linked Training officially launched SkillLink, our online learning management system. We’ve been developing eLearning for over two years now, and SkillLink now provides an effective method of managing this. Online Learning has become a successful solution for organisations with large numbers of staff, remote sites and multiple locations as part of a blended learning program. Implementing online learning modules has allowed L&D/Information/Records Managers from local, state and federal government departments to implement induction programs for new staff, and follow-on training for staff after initial face-to-face training program rollouts. SkillLink has been through rigorous testing and pilot programs, and is being used successfully in various government organisations (see Case Studies for more). To learn more about how SkillLink can work for you visit Online Training on our website, and take the opportunity to test drive the system. Call us on 02 8824 4677 and […]

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