Not the 6 o’clock News

Aimee walked in the door after work.  The house was dark and quiet.  Good, she’d beaten Ben home.  A few minutes of ‘me’ time before he gets in.  She flicked on the TV in the bedroom to catch the news as she changed out of her office garb.  Accident in the suburbs, building site explosion and fire, two dead. A fleeting sadness crossed her mind for the dead and their families, as it did every time she saw something similar.  And then she caught the words “Mason Holdings”.  Ben’s company. On the screen she could see the building and rubble.  The reporter was talking about an infringement of safety conditions.  Lucky more people hadn’t been killed. Ben wouldn’t have been on site she told herself as she felt the panic rising.  He’s the construction manager.  He doesn’t actually do anything dangerous.  Doesn’t actually get his […]

HP RM8 eLearning now available

Linked Training staff is proud to announce the release of our complete suite of HP RM8 eLearning, continuing the growth and development of our HP Records Manager 8 (RM8) training capability. Our eLearning platform SkillLink provides an uncomplicated, customised online HP RM8 training platform for eLearning managers and participants alike. Attending, delivering and managing HP RM8 training has never been easier! Topics of HP RM8 can be purchased as an off-the-shelf solution or customised to suit specific work practices. Sampling our HP RM8 eLearning is easy – call us on 02 8824 4677 and speak to an eLearning consultant or complete the contact form below and our eLearning expert will contact you shortly. Later edit: HP TRIM and HPE Records Manager eLearning now available on a new, cloud hosted learning system. For a free demo go to

Seven Deadly Sins of EDRMS Project Management

Insularity Not including business representatives in the make-up of the project team. The team members remain aloof from the business with little understanding of business processes, business records and business drivers. Active business representation in the project team is a must. This may be by way of a specific business specialist steering committee who are educated on the project goals and scope, and EDRMS capability from the project outset. Through facilitated meetings informed members are then able to provide input on adoption enhancements within the constraints of the project. Additionally they can be harnessed as a change management conduit to provide project briefings to their business areas. Or less formal input may suit some organisations better, with review and comment requested from the business at specific stages of the project. If this method is chosen then care has to be taken to ensure that the […]

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