ELearning discount offer as HPE Records Manager & TRIM gets better

In 2016 we invested in a new platform for our HPE eLearning.  With it we’ve provided improved speed to all our clients, a fresh, intuitive interface for your learners, and ease in configuring programs to suit individual client requirements. Just launched are two new features and a special 20% discount offer over summer: Online purchasing of eLearning Individuals and small organisations will benefit from now being able to purchase and enrol individuals online.  And from the date of your enrolment learners will now have an extended completion time of 3 months.  During that period a learner can return and repeat any topic as many times as they like.  You can also try before you buy via our Free Demo. Certificates on completion of eLearning When a learner successfully completes each program they will be awarded a Linked Training certificate, which can be downloaded and/or printed.  […]

HP TRIM & RM eLearning webinar

You’re invited to join our free webinar on Tuesday 13th September 2016; Time: 14:00 – 14:45 AEST (Find your local time) Our eLearning can help your organisation use HP TRIM & Records Manager more effectively, and a 3 year subscription for 1000 Active Users costs only $5,500 annually. During the webinar our eLearning consultant will provide a guided tour of the program and will answer any questions you may have. Each suite of eLearning consists of 14 courses and 60+ topics and we can provide customised content for your organisation. New topics and versions can be accessed as they become available, so you can equip your employees with up to date knowledge and skills. More details about our eLearning can be found here. 12 September edit: [registrations now closed ]  

Experience HP TRIM & Records Manager eLearning in a new top class environment

Continuing the growth and development of our online recordkeeping training we have upgraded our Learning Management System to a cloud hosted solution, providing you with faster speeds, improved reports and easier management. You’ll have instant access to new topics and versions as they become available, so you can achieve your performance goals and equip your employees with the knowledge and skills they need to get the job done. The HP TRIM & Records Manager eLearning programs are self-paced to allow different users to learn at the speed which is comfortable for them. 60+ comprehensive topics are ready for you right now and we can also provide customised content to fit the learning needs of your users. Our eLearning will help your organisation use HP TRIM & Records Manager more effectively, and a 3 year subscription for 1000 Active Users per annum costs only $5,500 annually. […]

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