The Use and Abuse of Band-Aids

A recent psychology report I read detailed strategies on how to best assist, as a carer, a close relative needing help. The report thoroughly diagnosed the problem then provided a large list of strategies to address the problem. Some strategies were designed to improve the problem in the long term. Others were actions to relieve the present stress that was occurring. They did not mend the issue, just provided short term relief.  These latter reactive short term remedies I call “Band-Aids”. Band-Aids are fabulous in the short term. They protect the wound; generally prevent it from further damage and allow us to get on with our lives. However if the wound is deep the Band-Aid will be insufficient to prevent the injury worsening, which will result in more Band-Aids being required. Think of a simple sprain; a Band-Aid provides minimal support and there is a […]

Tackling a Poor Performer- Avoidance Might Be Natural, But Is It Fair?

Dealing with poor performance is one of the hardest things to do. Common deterrents include fear of conflict and concerns that we may be perceived as nit picking. It is made particularly hard where we have developed a friendship with the poor performing staff member. We are torn between our role as a friend and our role as a manager, so procrastinate while we struggle with our own conflict. Deeper still, we become concerned that we ourselves are not perfect, so begin to question our right to discuss a performance issue with another employee. Not to mention how a poor performance meeting gone wrong might cast a shadow over our own performance and future career. Sound familiar? Let’s examine more closely a typical situation. You have an employee that has been performing reasonably well but an area of under performance becomes evident over time. You […]

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