Unlocking Success in Your EDRMS Project

Rollouts of EDRMS software are overwhelming. They introduce new software and new methods of information storage to almost everyone in an organisation. As an EDRMS Project Manager your tasks are also initially overwhelming. First you need to find the most suitable software. Next the pressure’s on to find the perfect configuration. At the same time you need to make sure you’re meeting the compliance and legislative requirements. Plus, for the project to be successful people need to actually use the software. Then, on top of all that pressure, is the history of failure. To get over that hurdle you need a communication and change strategy. And who are you? You’re the project manager – now. Maybe you were the records manager before, the IT manager, the CIO or the Corporate Services Director. Or you could be an external consultant with the enviable position title of […]

Effective users of TRIM

Effective users of TRIM understand: The value of good recordkeeping practice – to themselves personally as well as the organisation How to use the features of TRIM – the ability to create and enquire efficiently The process of using TRIM in their role – which records go where and what actions, etc. apply to them. The past trend has been to invest in TRIM training that provided knowledge and skill in recordkeeping and TRIM skills, with the belief that participants would then work out actual application. Experience has taught that this simply does not happen. Even with the best learning experience in the classroom, where participants display capability and confidence, too often they return to what I call “confusion at the coal face”. Within their business unit decisions have not been finalised on which documents become records, what the titling practice is, which folders/files to […]

Measuring Underpinning Skills – Vital for a Successful Training Program

To create a successful EDRMS training program you need to recognise the individual needs of your organisation. This is more than working out which functions of the EDRMS your staff need to use. You also need to identify the level of underpinning skills which exist in the organisation and tailor your training to take these into account. The list below provides a summary of the underpinning skills which are vital to making TRIM training a success: Computer literacy. Staff need to be comfortable with opening software, using menus, saving documents and general mouse use. Lack of skill will affect the amount of basic PC literacy skills to be provided prior to EDRMS training, the training delivery time, and the complexity of training to be covered. Skill levels may vary between business units, or roles. Adaptability to new technology. The wider the variety of technology currently […]

TRIM Support Tools That Work

One problem that many of our customers face is that many staff need to create and access records, but do so infrequently. Infrequent may be as much as once or twice a week, which to some people seems like frequent use. However with this level of use it takes a while before confidence and expertise is built up, and using TRIM becomes second nature. The training challenge is how to ensure all the good learning that was achieved in the initial TRIM training is not lost. When your new TRIM user returns to his or her desk they may feel confident, but they now have to fit recordkeeping into an already busy schedule. They have the best intentions, but very little time to explore. So the practical reality is that when they first use TRIM they are in a hurry. They could open up their […]

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