HP TRIM & RM eLearning webinar

You’re invited to join our free webinar on Tuesday 13th September 2016; Time: 14:00 – 14:45 AEST (Find your local time) Our eLearning can help your organisation use HP TRIM & Records Manager more effectively, and a 3 year subscription for 1000 Active Users costs only $5,500 annually. During the webinar our eLearning consultant will provide a guided tour of the program and will answer any questions you may have. Each suite of eLearning consists of 14 courses and 60+ topics and we can provide customised content for your organisation. New topics and versions can be accessed as they become available, so you can equip your employees with up to date knowledge and skills. More details about our eLearning can be found here. 12 September edit: [registrations now closed ]  

Writing the Business Case for eLearning – HP TRIM 7 or HP RM8

The majority of records managers work in a public office and thus a formal business case must be approved before public money can be allocated. At Linked Training we are frequently asked to provide information to records teams putting together a business case for HP  TRIM (and now also Records Manager 8 – RM8) eLearning. Every organisation will have a different reason and required outcome for selecting eLearning as part of their HP TRIM / RM8 delivery package so I’ve packaged our general advice into this article, and you can add your organisations specific situation and detail to support your case. The exact structure of a business case will vary organisation by organisation and it’s important to be aware of any templates or structures preferred in your organisation. There are both reactive and proactive situations on which a HP TRIM eLearning business case is built. […]

RM8 Searching – Under the Bonnet

Having explored the new Records Manager 8 interface features that impact End Users in the article ‘The New World of RM8”, this article moves on to take a look under the search bonnet and prepares you to experience a paradigm shift in your search methodology! As you start using RM8 to conduct searches your first question will be “what happened to the Search Methods I used in HP TRIM when managing records?” For instance, traditionally you’d search for all Records with overdue Actions assigned by opening the Search form and selecting the Search Method ‘Record Actions Overdue’.  In TRIM 7 ‘Record Actions Overdue’ sits under the Business Process Search Method category with a range of Action related Search Methods, as per Figure 1. Figure 1:  TRIM 7 In RM8 (Figure 2) you will quickly find there is no Record Actions Overdue Search Method. Figure 2:  […]

The New World of RM8

The question of “What is new for the End User?” is faced by every organisation upgrading from one version of software to another. Major, and sometimes even minor, changes in the interface, the functionality and the features require training in some form for the end users to seamlessly transition. Where there is little change or competent users this may be in the form of informative presentations and flyers. For a different audience or extensive change more formal training may be required. Regardless, there will be a need to prepare resources, allocate training time and set aside the budget for this. With Record Manager 8 (RM8) released by HP as the latest version of the TRIM EDRMS many records units will be trying to decide if they should upgrade to TRIM 7 or RM8. TRIM 7 is now well established, and although for TRIM Administrators and […]

TRIM Tip- Sending Multiple TRIM Links

Sending multiple TRIM links or email attachments may seem straight forward to many people, but it is surprising how many times experienced TRIM users ask how to. Make sure you pass this tip on to your end users. They may not have asked because they don’t think it is a possibility. There are three steps: Perform a search that returns multiple records. This may involve searching on multiple terms (e.g. listing each invoice number in the Title Word search field if you wish to find and send multiple invoices), or searching on broad terms (e.g. using a person’s name in the Title Word search field will return all records relevant to that person). Tag the records you wish to email. If your search has returned only records that are relevant you can simply Tag All (such as invoices). If your search has returned a range […]

The Challenging Learner

From time to time I guarantee there will be a staff member who just doesn’t seem able to learn to use TRIM or another EDRMS. Your training method works for almost everyone else, but even multiple sessions with this person haven’t been successful. And it’s important that this person does take care of their own records. What could the solution be? The challenge may be an inability to transfer learning to the workplace. It’s a difficulty we can all relate to in some form. Just because we have learnt a technique in the classroom we can’t always apply it when confronted with a variation back in the workplace. Most trainers teach people to use the features of TRIM (create, search, action, relate, etc.). In your training you may also teach people to use the BCS, and participants are hopefully successful in selecting the correct titling […]

Training TRIM Users – Maximising the Appeal

Don’t you just wish it was your job to introduce iPads to every staff member in your organisation? Imagine the enthusiasm when the news was released in the internal newsletter. Imagine the welcome you’d receive from every staff member as you set them up. And what training would you need to deliver? Possibly none at all; everyone just seems to work them out. People just love their iPads and they’ve become a must have business tool, and yet there’s often no great value that they add to our work. No compliance, productivity or risk gains. Instead you’ve been tasked with introducing a really useful application: TRIM. It’s not backed by a sexy, seductive, glossy, bling campaign. It doesn’t even have the ‘personalised solution for everyone’ appeal of SharePoint. It’s being mandated to meet legal compliance and reduce risk. How do you compete in a world […]

TRIM Support Tools That Work

One problem that many of our customers face is that many staff need to create and access records, but do so infrequently. Infrequent may be as much as once or twice a week, which to some people seems like frequent use. However with this level of use it takes a while before confidence and expertise is built up, and using TRIM becomes second nature. The training challenge is how to ensure all the good learning that was achieved in the initial TRIM training is not lost. When your new TRIM user returns to his or her desk they may feel confident, but they now have to fit recordkeeping into an already busy schedule. They have the best intentions, but very little time to explore. So the practical reality is that when they first use TRIM they are in a hurry. They could open up their […]

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