TRIM Tip: Tracking Movements of Correspondence

Tracking both the internal and external movements of correspondence can be an everyday responsibility for some staff. TRIM has been designed with the convenient function of allowing this information to be managed electronically ensuring a higher quality of document tracking information is being captured. When physically posting or faxing a document a New Communication can be manually added to TRIM to track the movement of the correspondence. The New Communication tool can be used to track when documents were sent, who it was sent by and who it was sent to. It can even capture the reference number of express post parcels or courier deliveries. Manually capturing these types of communication provides an informative and useful audit trail of document interactions. To add a New Communication to an existing record simply search for and highlight the desired record, Right Click to bring up the menu, […]

An Unusual Project Team

Attending InForum 2010 and listening to discussion on implementation brought to mind the unusual team created by the Ordnance Survey of UK when they implemented TRIM in 2007. The project team was a party of the usual suspects: – an IT Architect, Test Manager, Training Manager, Configuration Manager, Records Manager and of course a Project Manager.  All good and valuable team members necessary for a successful implementation. What made this team unusual, and was seen as the key to the highly successful acceptance and use of TRIM was the alternative title of the Project Manager… Head of HR, Elaine Grigg, was appointed.  And in fact the Project sponsor was the HR Department. The TRIM implementation was recognised as affecting the working practices of all employees and thus a significant cultural change.  It was a project to handle delicately and communicate appropriately and therefore a job […]

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