Toolbar customisation for single or multiple icons

trimicAre your TRIM icons too small to see or so big that you can’t fit your toolbars on the screen? Or are you unsure what the icon is for?

You can change the appearance of TRIM icons to suit your personal preferences and even display the icon text, which is handy for new starters.

Go to View – Toolbars – Customise, or right-click a toolbar and select Customise. The Customise dialog box will appear.

Select the Toolbars tab and check the box for the toolbar you are customising. Check the options below the toolbar list to make the required changes. The selections will apply to all icons on the toolbar.

Where you wish to only display the text for some icons on toolbar, check the toolbar and Right Click on the icon. Choose Image and Text. Only that icon will now appear with text.


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