Transitioning Computer Illiterate Staff to New Employment

learnA large disability care provider in the process of closing down several residential units approached Linked Training to assist with the transition of staff to new employment. The majority of staff had been long term employees in care or domestic roles. The employer recognised that computer literacy skills amongst staff were generally very low, and would place them at a disadvantage in the employment market.


In reviewing the prospective students we discovered most had little or no computer experience. A 2 day training program was designed to provide fundamental knowledge about using a computer together with basic skills in Microsoft Outlook© and Microsoft Word©. Courses in Microsoft Excel© were selected to accommodate those workers who had basic computer competence and would be advantaged by expanding their skills. All the courses were delivered onsite and scheduled to suit the regular shift hours of the workers. Due to varying levels of literacy within the group and a majority of staff being from non-English speaking backgrounds it was important our trainers were sensitive to needs and flexible in their delivery to provide a positive introduction to the technology.


The initial round of training proved highly successful with the students. The positive feedback from the students encouraged the client to proceed with two additional rounds of training. As well as improved employability, the staff were also rewarded with:

  • Increased confidence in using computer applications
  • An appreciation and understanding of the role of technology in their line of work
  • Reduction of anxiety about their ability to cope in new roles.