TRIM Support Tools That Work

One problem that many of our customers face is that many staff need to create and access records, but do so infrequently. Infrequent may be as much as once or twice a week, which to some people seems like frequent use.

However with this level of use it takes a while before confidence and expertise is built up, and using TRIM becomes second nature. The training challenge is how to ensure all the good learning that was achieved in the initial TRIM training is not lost.

When your new TRIM user returns to his or her desk they may feel confident, but they now have to fit recordkeeping into an already busy schedule. They have the best intentions, but very little time to explore. So the practical reality is that when they first use TRIM they are in a hurry. They could open up their training manual and check their instructions, and if your manual is easy to use as a reference tool it’s likely they will.

However, if they don’t, and plunge in based purely on memory, they could take a few wrong turns to get the result they were seeking and narrow down searches to useful results. And this results in a frustrated employee who refuses to create records and bad mouths TRIM.

Support tools are aids that help people become comfortable with finding their way around new software quickly. They might be called ‘cheat sheets’ or ‘help sheets’ in your organisation. They might also not be paper based at all. Desk calendars, blotter pads, and other promotional aids can also be used to publish simple messages.

The key to success is the KISS principle. Keep It Simple and Stylish.

A simple document is needed with all the relevant information on one page can be pinned up at their desk and glanced at in a second. Believe me, with TRIM you can display all the information needed on Checking in, Checking out, Editing, and Searching on ONE easy to read page. Complex pictures are not needed, because these people will have already undertaken training. What they need at this stage is prompts to save frustration. And stylish because you want them to be happy to pin it up.

The same principles apply if you are providing help sheets on classifications, containers or recordkeeping decisions.

So make sure your TRIM training sessions finalise with handing out a well designed help sheet and give your new participants in the recordkeeping process a simple and effective tool for TRIM success.

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