TRIM Tip- Sending Multiple TRIM Links

Sending multiple TRIM links or email attachments may seem straight forward to many people, but it is surprising how many times experienced TRIM users ask how to. Make sure you pass this tip on to your end users. They may not have asked because they don’t think it is a possibility. There are three steps:

  1. Perform a search that returns multiple records. This may involve searching on multiple terms (e.g. listing each invoice number in the Title Word search field if you wish to find and send multiple invoices), or searching on broad terms (e.g. using a person’s name in the Title Word search field will return all records relevant to that person).
  2. Tag the records you wish to email. If your search has returned only records that are relevant you can simply Tag All (such as invoices). If your search has returned a range of records, you will need to Tag individually the records to be sent.
  3. Right Click in the Results Pane and select Send to Email Recipient as per usual. You can send TRIM links, attachments or both. When your email client opens you’ll notice all the records you selected are contained within the one email to be sent.


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